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Past Belleville avenue, an accident and attending stages. Couple of cars involved right side of the freeway affected traffic. Stop and go from the 163 on the 163 freeway southbound and friars road crash eight freeway westbound at Lake Mary boulevard, an accident there. This report sponsored by Sylvania automotive so venues, always looking to improve their headlights. So they developed their silver star ultra headlights to have greater clarity in the brightest down road visibility. Sylvania think farther down the road. The house and Senate convened today returning the first woman to the speaker's office and now sharing in most diverse class of democratic freshman, lawmakers ready to confront President Trump in a new era of divided government. CBS news Mola langey reports. Democrats refused to provide funding for President Trump's border wall and Senate Republicans say Bill only support legislation President Trump will approve that means there won't be vote in the Senate on a House Democrat Bill to reopen government agencies not associated with border security. I may declare the speaker, we're not interested in having show votes in the Senate or interested in bringing up something passed sixty senators will support and the president during a meeting at the White House Wednesday sources say Senate, minority leader Chuck Schumer pressed the president on why he wouldn't support the Bill and Mr. Trump responded, I would look foolish if I did that. Mola langey CBS news, Capitol Hill, Mexico's foreign affairs ministry says it laments acts of violence along the border between the US and Mexico and repeats its commitment to the safety of migrants today statement comes after an incident on New Year's day CBS news, Steve Futterman has more mix ago. Wants more information about the New Year's day incident. It has asked the US for a thorough investigation around one hundred fifty migrants at the Mexican border in Tijuana, reportedly attempted to get into the US agents fired tear gas to stop them. There were reports of some of the migrants throwing rocks. This is the second time. US agents have fired tear-gas a similar incident took place in November. Steve Futterman, CBS news. Three men have been arrested in Mexico in connection with the murder of to San Diego teenagers, and their friend in Tijuana last month. Authorities do not provide much information on the suspects. Only identifying them by their first names, Baja authorities say the three victims were in an. An apartment with friends when several people burst in and tortured the three boys before killing them for the first time since moving to Los Angeles. The chargers are headed to the postseason, but as a playoff appearance enough to win back, San Diegan news. Eight tether hope tells us the bolt bandwagon 's getting crowded with local fans. Vans.

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