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News, traffic and weather. Newsradio eleven twenty. Welcome back to the second act of this is your FBI on win radio was. Hello, danny. Oh, I thought you were going to work. I did you didn't get fired. Did you know said I wasn't feeling. Well, my boss gave me the rest of the day off. Why did you go for a walk says that always makes you feel better? Well, why don't you go see the movie at the paramount? It's well, it's all get me out of the house. Danny no, I won't work. I stopped at school on the way home and salmon's Cronin. She tells me for the last few weeks you've been seen with a lot of money. That's right. I found some money. Danny did I found a wallet on second avenue? Hi found something to. I found a box of fountain pen boxer watches new room. I'll look SIS I told you once before I went to your bureau to see if any of your socks needed darn Jask me now, that's not important. Where did you get those pens and watches I found them to then I'm telling you the story in the morning paper about a box of watches and a carton of penns- being stolen from a truck last night out on route eleven what's that got to do with me? Where were you last night? Danny I went for a walk where I I don't know. I don't remember Danny you, stole those pens and watches. I know it. Well. All cut it out. This is this the way I've brought you up. I been such a complete pay the tutor, you don't even know it's wrong to steam, I suppose what happened to me is right. That was an accident. It's still happen. All right. That was wrong to that. The police did try to find the car that teacher. They just wanna give what that does me. Does it? My face your face has nothing to do with stealing. Why do you think I ain't going to school because all the kids laugh at me? They call me monkey well, all show Allsteel and all have money y'all have a lot of money, and I'll be important, and then let's see him laugh. Honey, that's not the way to be important. The right way is to be decent and honest. Are you kidding? They won't let me play ball with them. I can't get a girl to go to the school dances with it. Doesn't warrant you're stealing. I've got to put a stop to it. Danny right now. You're coming with me. We're we're going to take those watches and pens back. I don't know who they belong to. Well, the please. No, no police. Yes. They'll send me to jail. Now. I think they'll understand got some money saved up. I'll pay for whatever's missing come on. Am I going, Danny? It's the only thing to do. I'm not going says you got. You hate me too..

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