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You from Toronto in depth radio news talk ten ten and we are speaking with David Brody about his latest treasure temporary the nights in his Templars in America a series and before we go to the phones couple questions I got this on my Twitter Jeremy wants to know if you have found any information David about a Louis Mueller of Georgetown New York and possible ties to the Templars I he is somewhat of a local legend in the area especially concerning a hidden treasure much like oak island on his old state so that's in Georgetown New York David is Louis milieu Mueller ring a bell at five in a write it down right now and check it out as soon as you're done I'll move you learn Georgetown I've never heard of that yeah Louise Mueller M. U. E. L. L. E. R. and that's in Georgetown he's a bit of a local legend interesting all right yeah the the just the judges panel that once key right that's the one that really holds the the the clues that's the one yes and I'm much I'm not sure to be honest Richard why that's the one that people focus on it may be that as of the thinking is that the judges are watching the temple are it's just the way their range of panels are arranged in the temple ours are watching the holy grail in many many people think well Christadelphians of the holy grail so if you follow the temple are the lead you to the grail so that maybe the thinking as to why the judges or the the the the the panel that everyone thinks is is is that secret map what are are there are there not photographs of the of the judges said the just judges panel or any or any depictions drawings yeah so there is a photograph from the early nineteen hundreds of the panel and that's what has been at you so you can find it online and then also in after the panel was stolen they hired a as our expert at the painter to was actually a forger but not to paint from the painting a new panel and so that's the it so the replacing panels what is on display now it's saying bobbles cathedral in dance so there's a black and white photographs and then what color reproduction but again neither of those is the original and so is do you suspect we know whether the original is still out there is it in a private collectors hands was or was it possibly destroyed sure I mean again and no one knows where it is one theory is that it really is a map the holy grail and that a local group of Freemasons the lives has custody of it as a way to keep treasure hunters away from finding the holy grail and that they still have custody of it to this day but that's just a theory and what about the the the long held theory that oak island the the money pit is that the resting paid place of these these unimaginably priceless treasures right I so the the oak island possibility I think that pertains to the Templar treasure the thickly on the gold and silver I I I don't believe that that something like the ark of the covenant of the holy grail would have been buried in a hit on an island off Nova Scotia perhaps temporarily but I don't think that the final resting spot for a religious artifact but it's entirely possible that treasure Templar treasures in a literal sense worse secreted adult island in either I still there or and this goes back to an earlier theory that I mentioned were retrieved in the seventeen seventies and used to fund the American revolution alright I will pick up on that point later let's go to the wildcard line Mike is in Denver Mike welcome to coast to coast AM good evening gentlemen I thank you so much for taking my call David I'm a big fan of your work in your books I wanted to get your opinion on two movies surrounding the knights Templar treasure the national treasure with Nicholas cage in the debate she code now the da Vinci code they talked about the knights Templar treasure being more of a spiritual treasure in the sense of the bloodline of Jesus Christ in in protecting that treasure in itself in also I want to get your take on the rumors of the eighteen temple our ships they would miss teen and if the treasurer someday treasure could possibly have been located on those ships thank you Richard Mike thanks for that eighteen missing Templar ships sure well **** about with that is on on Friday the thirteenth of October thirteen oh seven that's the day that the king of France with the with the ascent of the pope raided the Templar treasury and outlawed the Templars that was in Paris one of his motivations the king of France was he the town park a lot of money and so what better way to get rid of your debts that we get rid of your bankers so he raided the treasury in Paris expecting to find the Templar treasure when they got there it was empty is is is it it it it has lasted one of the reports is that the Templars had been forewarned and that their treasure went out the night before and ended up at a port named La Rochelle and that eighteen Templar ships sailed from La Rochelle which is on the western coast of France probably up to Scotland and that that that was the first resting spot of the Templar treasure so that and so you know if if if the treasure happy go someplace okay and it wasn't in Paris when when Philip without the king rated the the the the treasury cell yes I had to go someplace and and axis a pressing a wheel what was what was the treasure was it something spiritual or was it something physical my sense of it is when you're talking about the holy grail that is something spiritual as opposed to something physically it is something that some kind of knowledge or secret that's my sense of what it's always been more than what Hitler believe which was some kind of magical as object of some kind I would sign it was a metaphysical type thing a spiritual secret more than something substantive well there's actually a chalice of the holy grail in Hitler got his hands on and I like to think that his just like in them that the raiders of the Lost Ark its hands we just melts the moment he he clasped it in is is filthy paws let's say hi to Jeff in Sonora California west of the Rockies Jeff good morning good evening welcome to coast to coast AM your your name fascinating subject growing and I was one a picture Mister Brody's brain a little bit about view topics maybe you know the bottom since he's written so many novels do you would you happen to know more detail about the hook and its relation in dating back to Akhnaton what they're talking about Scott Walters research and I'm very familiar with it and and and and you know Scott makes the point in in his book which I believe is entitled Akhenaton and hugged acts like that but I have a not exactly right but the the the the hook in the the how can flail the preferred plan sorry that that we see often times for trade in in Egyptian iconography looks a little like the whole taxes Scott Scott traces of like that's all the way back to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt at one point Jesus study there and it's got sort of place connect the dots with that hope that going all the way back to the ancient mystery schools earlier I talked about the Duke of Burgundy being part of a sort of continue one of of members of society wealthy members of society who investigated and were students of the mystery schools of mysticism of the secret society and again that traces way all the way back to the the mystery schools of Egypt that mag guys the the the the druids of of blessed I've east of the about British Isles but yes Scott traces that whole look that's all the way back to I think you need to thanks for the call let's say hi next to Wayne is in Toronto or hear my backyard Wayne good morning welcome to coast are you there wing pretty good how are you terrific thanks you're on with Dave Brody go ahead I went hi David I was concerned with the fact it seems that no one ever mentions some the brothers of Jesus what about their lineage since the marriage of the lamb is controversial yeah you know one of one of the possible lines of the brothers of Jesus and and I'm not mine expert on this so pardon me if I'm saying things that are not the right but I believe one of the lines traces to Cleopatra's liner merges with Cleopatra's line in northern Africa and one of the mysteries that that been swimming around for almost generation now is the burrows cave mystery in in southern Illinois and there's some researchers who believe that the the the explorers who came over in in in in you know long before Columbus who came to southern Illinois this would have been in the first or second century AD from northern Africa and secreted objects thousands of artifacts in a cave in Illinois that that those people were led by Juba Jay you be a king Juba who was a descendant of the lines of both wanted Jesus is brothers and Cleopatra there's a fascinating tie in there I don't exactly as your question but that's one that's the as the pops into my head we were talking about the siblings of Jesus and their offspring we thank you for the call I think that's kind of a a Protestant conceived the idea that Jesus may have had brothers I mean that the term brothers that used in the Bible it brothers is kind of a loose my understanding anyway Middle East up people often refer to brothers it could be it could mean a cousin it could mean a close family friend but then the other thing the idea is that that his earthly father Joseph had children before he married Mary and so that those would have been his half brothers right and it's and it's helped me out to identifies a you know sort of an extended family some male names that would have been his cortical brothers as well you touched on Scotland and that this was one jurisdiction that was welcoming to the Templars so how does prince Henry Sinclair fit into all this right so the the the time the squalid so thirteenth early thirteen hundred the temperature out law they have to flee a bunch of men up in Scotland probably with their treasure at that time squall was at war with England and you all many many listens I've seen the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson we William Wallace and so one of the one of the legendary stories is that the the the Templars appeared at the battle of Blahnik burn and sort of turn the tide the the stock through losing to the English in the temple ares appeared and all the sudden the the day was saved and because of that Robert the Bruce gave them safe haven in Scotland so we'll fast forward a couple generations that's been around thirteen twenty thirteen twenty two in that range now into thirteen ninety eight or so and the grand son prince Henry Sinclair of of one of the fighters at that battle one of the Sinclair fighters hi this is prince Henry Sinclair and grandfather was part of the ballot gonna burn but he now embarks on a trip across the Atlantic perhaps with the Templar treasure I and ends up starting off in Nova Scotia perhaps near oak island and work his way down the Atlantic coast to New England then we knew the west for night carving which I talked about the first hour in Massachusetts and then further down perhaps build the Newport power in Newport Rhode Island and then later on prince Henry Sinclair's grand son in fourteen six fifty six starts building the iconic Rosalyn chapel made famous in the da Vinci code I think it's the most popular tourist site in Scotland to this day but one of the fascinating things about the chapel is that it incorporates in its carvings flora and fauna they're only found in New England in the northeast and not in Europe and many people believe that it was a grand son sent a shout out to his grandfather saying yeah this is what my grandfather found when he was across the Atlantic we can't talk about it was a secret mission but I've been batted these carvings into the ceiling as a way for people who have eyes to see the recognize what we're talking about there do we have any confirmation of the Templars in America let's say from the indigenous peoples of North America did they have the date in in your oral traditions is there any mention of contact with these knights Templar very much so both both native Americans in in Canada and also native Americans here in New England I've become very close friends with the with the that tribal chief here in in Massachusetts who very matter of factly so this you know laughs at the idea of of Columbus being first the very matter of factly says yep prince Henry Sinclair the Templars.

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