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In a row once again from the chevrolet display here's frank sitting in for frank here's guy gordon reserving our conversation with rick mears and willpower as we look forward to warmer days on belle isle when the roar of the river will occur and will see the cars going around that that great track that they have invested so much time and energy and talk to me a little bit about the future of racing a y you know all we're talking about in the business part of this auto show is autonomous vehicles we know that chevy were sitting in the only ones that will actually first be pulling out a car without a wheel and pedals in its sitting of the general motors headquarters right now it's the crews not to be confused with a cruise that is now on the on the road for chevy but uh it's going to come on in 2019 looking forward are they ever going to try to take the wheel away from you guys amine authority how it already is a series that has that just autonomous calls uh i actually got know that much about it on notes connected to formally which is an all electric shirt motor sports series but the heck have that now are you worried about i mean we all have to adjust we all have to adapt and we all have to evolve but with this elite either tooting sapping lose the electrification and there's the autonomous vehicle in of electric is that necessarily mean a reduction in the level of excitement and fan experience in automotive racing well i i think it's the everything's going to have its own place basically i think there'll be a place for that but there has to be a place for this because a you know we we've we've gone to and away from some of that kind of thing in the cars for the always looked at as i lose my tools you know whether it's aps break abs breaking young traction control accounting is absolutely great for the street it's a must you know we we need it we got to have it but when you put it in a race car i feel like i've lost some of my tools to work with as i want to be the.

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