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Like the week before he was apprehended and very recently retired detective paul holes we'll talk about him later the man who's dna sleuthing led to the capture of the of the k mainly spent more than two decades searching for the killer says he's a dangerous man he is not the decrepit individual you see wheelchair at arraignment is a spry seventy two year old who's very physically capable he has numerous gun's registered to him more information again will be i am sure porn in about joseph over the next few years you know very soon we'll know for sure for sure if j j d is the guy and if he is we'll know all about and then i'm sure i'm sure there'll be several biographies exclusive interviews all that kind of shit for now what we do know is a lot about the crimes that the fucking monster posing as a human known as the golden state killer committed let's take a look at those crimes now in a time suck timeline trap on those boots soldier where martin down a time suck meantime lie quick note on today's time line on the days i'm gonna mention crimes definitely did occur according to police reports i witnesses and sometimes the victims themselves they did occur is i'm reporting them again just i know have already said about joseph james james has not been found guilty of these crimes or actually any of these crimes you know i said yeah all these crimes are crimes these are all crimes at curly no one has been found guilty of in a court of law but these are all crimes believe by law enforcement to be the work of the basilea ransack aka the east area rapist aka the golden state killer dna evidence does link to golden state killings to the east area rapes to the vassiliou ransack it's but again dna evidence it's not like it was founded all of the possibly one hundred thirty ish ransacking believed to be attributed him dna was found at some and common kind of modus operandi the other at the other crime scenes pointed to the same man.

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