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Welcome back to perspective i'm cheri preston during know the 2018 midterm elections are crucially important republicans trying to hold onto their majority democrats trying to win back either the house or the senate or both key races they could make a difference for being held all over the country including in the reliable battleground state of pennsylvania this week we're going to focus on the eighteen th congressional district it's in the southwestern part of the state it encompasses an area around pittsburgh the election and pennsylvania's eighteen will be held later this month to fill the seat vacated when incumbent tim murphy involved in a sex scandal announced he was resigning races a tight one and could be a bellwether for the rest of the country abc's dan harris went there recently to talk to voters pennsylvania's 18th congressional district has become the latest battleground in america's bitterly partisan political fight and so today rick said cone fifty nine and his democratic wanted conner lambs just thirty three are facing off in a special election on march thirteen for a seat vacated last fall after republican congressman tim murphy resigned amid the sex scandal republicans are pulling out all the stops taking no chances in this election president trump himself showed up to supports the kohn a real friend and a spectacular man rick sir kohn loss could signal the start of a potential blue wave backlash against the president pennsylvania's 18th congressional district is a mix of suburbs and rural areas where trump beat hillary clinton by double digits the district also includes a significant population of union members of voting block that typically goes democrat we met three union members on their lunchbreak two of whom say they're going democrat this time we need somebody out that that's going to represent us going to make sure they stand for us because guess what we don't have a fight get a candidate you like bricks akhoon on a republican of course but i think that he has the experience you when you vote or you voted on local issues or do you have your eye on donald trump moslem on donald trump because i want the country would be good and i think that donald trump is a unique president i think that he's not a democrat or republican i believe he's an independent rexecode.

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