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Okay. Well, that's because your fitness now is that why? No, I just I object to eating house. It's like my thing. So that you would want an impossible burden. But I don't really I've never eat. I've ever really. So we'll wrap this around. Well done, sir. Jordan who? My request charter impossible burger last week and loved it raves about it said, it's exactly like regular hamburger in my mind when I just regular hammered. But I get that some people don't like the taste. There's a lot of different things going on your one some people, even if it's not a real hamburger. They still don't want to eat a burger like this because it's a burger, and why would I have the eat something that is supposed to resemble some? They don't eat. Yes. That's the argument. And the other thing is I mean, do we really know what the calorie fat? I mean, I don't know. I get up. So I just texted, my friend. Lisa. His listening to Lisa hush our Talita. I was with her yesterday or last weekend when she had an impossible burger. And she said it was freaking great. Did she say freaking thinking great? Yes. She's a meat eater. So so she tried it. And she loved it. Yes. I'm getting all these of people say, it's such and such restaurant restaurant over the place. Yeah. Could it actually take over the the bird? Because now as I said Burger King is now rolling out the impossible Walker. Did we have this conversation when we came up with fake sugar? I don't know like when like fake sugar with Linda's everywhere now. Well, I mean, we're the sugar people saying this. I don't know. Okay. Here's what I don't get that. Some of those fake sugars are bad for you too. I'm reading the caloric all right breakdown. So a lot of these impossible, burgers, they're saying four ounce Patty's that typical it's a quarter Pounder, right? So a math. Sixteen. Two hundred seventy two hundred ninety calories. An eighty percent lean meat patting. I'm not saying what the fast food restaurants are using. That's that's only two hundred ninety calories. So you could not a big difference there. Now, I'm guessing that the fast food chains aren't using eighty percent, we meet, but they could be I don't know. So there's really not a difference that way, I just I think it's an idea thing. And I wonder if as changes are made to the agriculture and farming, and these these farms and pricing. I mean, you see the price of beef go up and down. I mean, I'm not sure that this would be as affected, but I think what will affect it is the fact that these there's IPO's and that this is going to be publicly traded. I mean, it seems like this concept is kind of new to be. So you're saying impossible burger, I don't know. I mean, that's kind of one of the says it hosted together better than a vegan or vague veggie option. That is because it is what is that genetically modified. Not selling by saying that. Yeah. To imitate flesh member we went through. Vergara. I'm just gonna eat a regular burger. I don't know. Why? Again, people understand it like meat. Well, again, we were talking about there was this this article in Bloomberg and they were talking about these different generations. And do they agree with eating meat and killing cows and all of that. And and as you go down into the generations. There is more of his parents Rosen though to say we don't wanna hurt animals and eating beef is hurting them four or five year old make a conscious decision to be a vegan. No. But at ten years old, you're you're certainly that's why my. My seven year old my seven year old has tried to be Pesca -tarian. She also has tried to be a vegetarian. Wait. How old is she said? Don't you forget who unmarried? And my twelve year old has he tried to go a week as a vegan and he made it four days. And then we read Miller park. You realize always back to normal real life in the past normal. George saving, Jordan Esam was you should really try one. Steve I said it would be adventurous. I challenged Burger King to come in studio. Side-by-side regular Walker impossible Walker. Let's see what happened. Now, why not just go to someplace? We don't have to do. I want to do it on the air. So people can share the experience. Live plus free hamburger. We even though. I enjoyed the burger I am not going to try it again one and done. I enjoyed it doesn't make any sense the reason why because I mean like I said like the burger, but it's not real meat. I'm the person who likes meets. Yeah. Exactly. So Jordan was at the same goes like nine fifty bad. Around money. Nothing is that seems like more it was more expensive than that's what's the average price of burger nine ninety nine cents. Restaurant in a restaurant. Yeah. It's like nine bucks. Right. Okay. Let's say it's average fries fries. Into beer, you're gonna regret those decisions at some point your young life there buddy twenty five year old Jordan regret. What all the bad food. Choices. You make all those fries you consume. How many did you eat yesterday? They fifteen fifteen chicken nuggets you paid for them. That's what I gave. Thanks for Sean that out, but that's to many nuggets for one person. How the small I come on you kidding me? Fifteen fifteen got to be young again McDonald's. I think they have like what thirty piece you don't tell me. Me Jordan, thirty nuggets on one. And that's not me. I can't Milstein with the line of them. We we need the impossible. What is it? The impossible. Nugget yours thing if McDonald's, and I'm gonna McDonald's, and I don't go to fast food places that often. But when I do if they could develop French fry French fries, we're not one of what's five hundred six hundred calories for a large fry that were like one hundred fifty or two hundred tasted the same. I'm all in go there every day. It's called a potato, and you put some seasoning. I it. I don't want to do all that work. She is tracing Johnson. We're gonna we're gonna switch gears completely. All right this round shots the story. Interesting Senator Ron Johnson. Some some developing news on that. Where's he going next? Interesting of bucks kept their foot on the.

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