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We've seen terrific work along these lines from saxophonist Tim Byrne and his regular collaborator, guitarist and producer David Thorne. Each made a solo album this spring. One created by tourney is a deep lesson, an immersive texture, using little more than his guitar, an amplifier and some basic pedal effects. For saxophonist Chris Potter, the musical equivalent of a new sour dough starter was something even more laborious. He startled the jazz world with an album called There is a Tide on which he plays all the instruments, not just saxophones and clarinets but also bass, keyboards, guitars and drugs. That's a deeply impressive feat. But of course, also still solitary. More and more artists have also discovered ways to connect across the ether. Collaborating from their respective bubbles. Trumpeter Dave Douglas made a digital album this way called Overcome with singer songwriters Fay Victor and Camilla Mesa. And a few other partners. They created the music and peace is passing files back and forth. But the sound of their communion makes it seem as if they're all in a room together. That's precisely the image they're seeking to evoke and the hope that they're holding onto in the meantime, together like So sweet for NPR news, A nation in Ms He also thistles morning edition from NPR News. I'm Layla falled.

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