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Historical figures. Celebrating are too proud sons of Poland who are general Casimir Pulaski and Saint John Paul the second Senator Thomas chefs Kia parade. Organizers says the most important thing about the day is making sure all parts of polish heritage or will represent it. It's all just joyous. It's a big party Justin Trudeau KYW NewsRadio. The March to the polls. A sea of people thousand-strong took to the streets of downtown Chicago chanting, let's go low with many expressing their displeasure at President Trump. The March to the polls event was largely a push to get women and young voters to make their voices heard on election day terms are so important. These men turns. You elect the. See for you. Our governor our house representatives are senators unions those people in place, some voters even cast ballots at nearby early voting sites. I'm Barbara Kusak. The KYW tech report is sponsored by Lynn owed limits, cloud hosting for small, medium and enterprise level customers, if you own a voice assistant speaker or an internet connected thermostat. You have the makings what experts say is a smart home. Google has another name for it. And this past week, they announced they have a brand new device to serve as the quote brains of your house my house, and I'm bad yours. My wife is the brains. But let's listen what KYW tech editor. Ian Bush has to say thoughtful home is how Rick Osterloh describes Google's vision isn't just smart, but it's helpful and simple enough for everyone to set up an use at the center of it. Google home hub, seven inch screen and speaker combo that puts search YouTube maps and photos voice command away, helpful..

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