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I guess it's time for a break from me. As it's called shannon champion gets the maret. Okay let's look. I'm just joking. I could care less cleveland. Browns denzel ward and they're listing the rookie. Greg newsom out of northwestern number one. Pick the baltimore ravens. Marcus peters and moreland humphrey and the steelers were going to go with. Of course mr haden. Joe haden and on the other side. We're taking a look at. I guess it's see. Our lads is listed justin lane. And i'm not quite agree with that. It could be peer. It could be cam sutton. But they're listening listing. Camp sutton is a nickelback. You go ahead and put them anywhere you want. You guys know the steelers. Better than our lads. I will tell you that right now. but go ahead shannon. I believe you're. I thought it was tony this time. Okay tony. it's it's your right. This one's easy. I it's gotta be martin humphrey and not marcus. Peters two studs. they're just just ask jude. You about humphry. And of course marcus peters. Just if he wasn't such a problematic person every now and then. I mean you'd probably have so much. I mean more respect around the league. But he's the town's obvious he's the first class wang peters the name for him but but i he's good good and they're the two best i mean he might hear from guys like greedy williams when auto when all said and done in. I hope that some how some way justin lane and james beard put themselves in the mix before That that'd be so much better for the steelers but right now it's gotta be humphry and peter's okay steeler nation for when to sing ramsey's greater than humphrey ramsey's i guess You've mentioned humphry is one of the best in the nfl. Sure but for this exercise we're looking at the north of shannon go ahead. Are you going double purple here. No humphries is my fake is. He's the best in the division. And then i would go ward And i i love hayden. He's the consummate professional I've just been so faithful from the moment he comes. We needed a cornerback. So bad and he. He's so he's everything you wanna store corner. But he's just got a little bit eight joining but he's still playing at a high level but as far as the two best I'll take humphries award because word is the head case the pages can be. That's that's not a bad call there. I'm probably i sided with you before shannon cash. It is hard for me to go against tony on this one though. I i really wanna go award. But peter's in humphrey. I think there they've got to lock down there and that's that just makes them dangerous. I wanted so bad to say hayden. I wanted to say it. I could because it doesn't matter but now i've got to be objective here and let's go ahead with those two guys. Let's i'm going with the ravens quarter corners but i'm not discounting yours in That's your pick so we're cool safeties. Let's let's do it this way. We're gonna break these down in new strong safety and free safety. Let's go ahead with strong safety. First for the bengals. We're gonna go vaughn bell i think Ginger remembers him from last year. Then let's go to cleveland. John johnson the third a huge free agent addition for them as we go. Jj three for baltimore. Let's go ahead and pull up the ravens here. chuck clark. My gosh things are some players. Strong safety is. We're not kidding with strong safety. Are we guys. And let's go ahead and look at We're looking strong safety. Terrell edmonds for the steelers. Go ahead. gentlemen. I'll let you start and i tell you what i am going to let you guys go ahead and take this as i take a quick break in. I be right back in. If you wanna go ahead and take strong safety. We'll be right back. Go take european. I'm a big fan of Edmonds is everybody nice and and his value to the team is is it. manse underrated for sure spade delivers up for a lot of mistakes. Especially when bush went out last year his fade really helped the defense stay. You know near the top. But i probably have to say clark is the best in a starve citing the division agree with you there. I was hoping that we could mix and match. I think debates is such a good good player. Like you said before you had fifteen cents last year for the bengals. But it's hard to. It's hard to put him in front of the other guy that we're gonna talk button to pet but yeah with chuck clark in edmonds and i have to go check clark. I think he's better amu- agree. It ain't no way in slab but not better. Yeah so you went chuck clark. Who did you go with. We both which are clark both a. Wow i think i mean i cannot argue with that i was not going with terrell edmonds guys. I'm going against you hear one bells. Pretty good but cleveland's got it here with john johnson. The third i. I really think that he is going to really turn some heads here. So that's my vote. So i'll tell you the los angeles rams right. That's right. yeah he was really good. So let's look at free safety. You've mentioned yet debates third. We've got grant delpit. Who didn't really play last year for cleveland. We've got the. Sean elliott who. I'm not that familiar with and we've got some guy in pittsburgh named manta legis para down. We're basically saying jesse bay and make a fitzpatrick boom those two guys right..

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