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Talk football with Amy Lawrence. Seriously tell the truth at that point in the Browns Chiefs game, did you think level was going to win? Because I did? I did. I thought this is happening. The bills are going to host the A F. C championship with the Browns two teams that had not had playoff win since the mid nineties are going to face each other. To cap what has been a nun. Predictable, completely irregular, irrational, illogical season. We're gonna have bills and Brown's in the A F C championship. My apologies, Chad Henny. It's my apologies, Eddie read. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Man Alive. Twitter was hopping at this point. And why not? The Browns had gone from being down 20 to 10. At the end of the third. Right after Patrick. The homes had been declared out with the concussion as you here with Kevin Harlan on the Westwood one radio network. Cleveland puts together this incredible 18 18 play, Dr. It was masterful. Baker Mayfield locked in there using the run to set up the path. Everyone is pulling his weight. They convert five first downs, including 2/4 down conversions. Austin Hooper with a diving grab in the red Zone might have been the catch of his life. Season saving grab, and ultimately, Karim Hunt gets into the end zone and 18 play drive. The goes eight minutes and right after that, Chad Henny throws an interception in the end zone. Maybe some nerves. After all, it was his first ever. Playoff appearance. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Jim Donovan, with the call in the Browns radio network. Got even more interesting from there. Seriously. You cannot write a script like this. And this is what I love about sports. Even in 2020 Now, 21, where nothing feels the same were fans are Only filling a few seats and each stadium. Where sometimes Sports don't provide that same entertainment and distraction as they have because things are so upside down in our world, these air still the moments That remind me why I'm a sports fan and why I could never give it up and why I have one of the coolest jobs in the world. Cleveland gets the ball back with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter. And the case. The city defense, which is not one of those defense is that completely shut you down. It's a big play defense. In fact, it kind of matches the offense that way Sacks. Turnovers stops huge tackles inches from the first down line. That's the type of defense. This is with the wisdom, the experience of the coaching staff as well as the veterans like Tyrone Matthew. And so Kansas City. He's able to prevent the Browns from getting a first down on that dry when they get the ball back, and Kevin Stravinsky decides not to go for it on fourth down Now, I can understand the thought process. I certainly can. They're at their at their own 32 yard line, Cleveland 32 Yard line. It's 1/4 and nine. We're not talking about 1/4 and two but 1/4 and nine and it's Chad Henny, who's quarterbacking, not Patrick Mahomes. This is not a light him up offense. He had a past battered down. He had one intercepted in the end zone so I can understand why you take your chances. You put this on the back your defense you say, Get us the ball back. Except analytics can measure what happens in these moments when you give a human being the opportunity of a lifetime, and so We get to the two minute warning. There's a first out in there the cheese at this point in trying to run as much time off the clock as they possibly can. 13 14 at the two minute warning. All of the snap in the center, the feeling when he wants to throw it many scrambling and comes to the near side. He's at the 40 45 50 Henny guys. He's close to a first down, but the 49 yard line really, really close. Chad Henny jumps up and.

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