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Hello Jerry Smith with the BBC news Greek media, say at, least fifty people have been killed. As a result of wildfires affecting coastal towns near Athens the authorities have appealed. For help from other European, Union countries Johnson reports the coastal town of Mattie is among the worst affected places residents and tourists left stranded. In their homes and cars as they were engulfed by flames people have been backed up onto beaches as the fires moved in boats and helicopters are being used to try to rescue people cornered in the. Small port of refine ah where the local. Mayor said he'd seen at least a, hundred homes on fire six hundred children have been evacuated from some holiday camps the prime minister, Alexis tsipras cut short an official visit to Bosnia to deal with the emergency official figures in Japan. Show that a record breaking heat wave killed sixty five people last week reporting from. Tokyo Rupert Wingfield Hayes the numbers dying from the Extreme heat looked likely to, go even higher as records continue to be broken in Cooma guy just north of Tokyo the temperature hit forty. One point one degrees celsius on Monday the highest ever recorded. Anywhere in, Japan at least thirty thousand people have now been taken to hospital suffering from heat exhaustion the elderly appear to be the most vulnerable Japan is used. To some temperatures in the mid thirties but this year the heat has been unrelenting South Korea has welcomed apparent moves by North, Korea to dismantle a rocket testing site, a, security official in Seoul said he believed the north was heading step by step. Towards denuclearization earlier Washington based monitoring group thirty eight north. Said satellite pictures showed that stretches at, this sir hey size close to the Chinese border were being taken down but. Warned that the measures, were not irreversible South Korea's defense ministry is reported to have tabled a, plan to, withdraw soldiers and military equipment Moment from border guard posts along the demilitarized zone with North Korea In a report submitted to parliament the ministry said the trial move would be in line with an agreement between the leaders of the two countries in April The Chinese president Xi Jinping has begun the state visit to South Africa aimed at improving economic relations between. The two countries non-answer Maseko reports from Johannesburg this is the third time. President Xi Jinping is visiting South. Africa since he took office his meeting with president Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to strengthen economic ties between China and South Africa The two heads of state will also engage in bilateral talks ahead. Of the tenth BRIC summit of emerging economies which takes place later this week where leaders from Brazil Russia China. And South Africa will participate Nossa Seca reporting world news from the BBC A former. Vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba is to return, to the country next week following. The quashing of his conviction for crimes Mr. Bemba's party says he will arrive on August the first to submit his candidacy for the presidential poll the long delayed election, is, meant to choose a successor to Joseph Kabila but he's refused to stand down There's been another steep fall in the value of shares in a Chinese biotechnology firm accused of falsifying, vaccine records the share price of Chung Chung. Plunged.

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