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Nbc news is kicking journalist mark helprin off the air a piece of donahue reports the move comes following claims of sexual harassment from his story unsealed man halperin is in msnbc contributor and the allegations are from five women who worked at abc when he was political director cnn correspondent cul risks award worked at abc she tweeted help rinse behavior was an open secret at the network emily miller a former abc employee who is now at one american news network read tweeted the how story with the hashtag me to mark helprin says he's deeply sorry and is taking a step back from daytoday work to deal with the situation i'm ed donahue a mom who beat and tried to strangle her daughter because she recited bible verses wrong has been sentenced to prison forty one yearold rhonda shaath nur was sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison after she pleaded guilty to aggravated assault police say she forced the girl to kneel on the bathroom floor in their middletown on pennsylvania home and repeat verses from the bible they say schaafter slammed her head into the wall each time she made a mistake and they say shaath noor also threatened to strangle and kill the girl the girl called her father who drove her to a police station target says it's going to hold hold hold it on the christmas decorations this year the changed as customers wanted to pause what they call the christmas creep so to be more in tune with customers mindset target says it plans to ease in holiday promotion is this year and concentrate on thanksgiving first for november target will keep thanksgiving size and displays of the entrances and its marketing will play up thanksgiving meal preparation and entertaining four shoppers what if a nursing college care for its students the same way nurses cared for their patience what is the focus was on.

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