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Let's talk about Sherry here. She also has an opportunity to manage. Kevin Kelly is going to go on to be nails and the WWF. I gotTa tell you. I had no idea that they had any sort of relationship until I started research on the show. She ever tell you any stories about Nails not really sure. I want to say that he will. He was one of my favorite people but he what one of her favourite people and she did whatever she was asked to do. But here's this guy with the dark brown skin bleach blond hair and look like a gazillion dollars. But boy unfortunate bell rang and there wasn't a whole lot there to to write home about so I don't think Sherry saw whole lot in a future with Kevin Walk holds because it just wasn't even all of the bumping in the world and all the best promos in the world weren't going to help her in that situation with that package. Let's keep it moving here. Let's talk about Super Clash September twenty eighth nineteen eighty five. She Defeats Candy. Divide to win the Awa Women's title. Then they flip flop. The title a handful of times October fourteenth then October seventeenth and then on January sixteenth nineteen eighty-six and then we finally see Sherry win it for the third and final time. June twenty eight nineteen eighty-six at the battle of the Bay while she's the champ. She's got several matches with a newcomer to the Biz. Medusa set Micheli is going to go on to become a lender ablaze and the WWF. It's pretty cool to go back and see some early Awa matches was Sherri Martel and Medusa. I don't think a lot of people may have even known those matches existent no. It was one of the Times that Sherry was really now this somebody that. Sherry's looking at that. She could work with actually. Have a program in take around Sherry thought very highly of Medusa and her work and looked at Medusa is someone that could take her career even a higher height in the ring in a working ability. And of course we know what's coming soon Even though Sherri is the Awa women's champion she's working without a contract. Verne's trying to sign a long term contract but she won't sign it because they're offering her father hundred dollars a week. Vince McMahon. Here he comes. He's my into a living taking wrestlers from Verne. Ganja shining them up making them superstars he does the same thing with Share here at one day. Sheer is doing a celebrity golf deal. And Jesse Ventura's there Jesse asser. Why don't you go work for Vince? And she says no one's called me and she didn't think she was experienced enough to make the jump fast forward a few months. She gets a call from BLACKJACK. Lanza telling. Her events wants to talk to her. The next morning. The call was made Vince schedules. The meeting Jerry said. She waited two weeks before she gave. Vince answer then. She accepts and gives Varner two week. Notice you're pretty new to the company when Sherry comes in. What are your memories of how Martell wound up joining the company and is it true? That Jesse Ventura help get the ball rolling. At least from your recollection. Margaret my recollection. Yeah I think it was. It was Jesse or PAT through Jesse. Somehow who had seen cherry work and Vince and seeing her work and liked her work I remember very very early on and when I say very early on. I'm talking like him one of our first few meetings. Vince asked me if I knew who Sherry was. And what kind of experiences I'd had with Sherry. He had heard that she was trouble. And he heard that You know she was little rowdy. And what have you and my experiences with Sherry. Were always good. She just was really nice. Shoes Lotta Fun. But she could go and I was strictly looking at it from that aspect and I don't know that specially at that point in my career with wwe that my opinion is going to matter that much anyway. But I knew early on that they had been talking. Vince was interested in bringing her in so Do you think that it would work if she were the champion? And we actually were able to get more women in if we made Sherry champion. Because I don't think Moolah and her age is going to be able to travel the way that we would like to travel and the way that we would like to get the women's championship out there. So you know. Times are changing and Sherry. Had part of the bid part of Sherry coming in at the time was Sherry had left the the clutches of Moolah if he will because Sheri had gone out on her own and when Moolah book you Moolah got her percentage no that was that was Mulas deal. She trained you silent. You know ahead of time. When you go to work moves GONNA get a percentage of your pay will sherry broke away from Moolah and was doing her own bookings and doing stuff with Verne with everybody else and Sherry was afraid to come back into the fold with Moolah because she had broken away from Moolah INVINCI- shared her that you know look Lille's to hold a grudge and got them together and they were fine. And what have you but Yeah I I'm a I heard about it and I thought that she would be a great addition to the roster of course when she comes in the half to vacate the Awa Women's title never officially loses it. Medusa winds up winning it from Candi Devine Poor Candy July Twenty Fourth Nineteen Ninety seven right after Sherry joins the company. She defeats the Fabulous Moolah to win. The women's title. Cherry has said that they didn't always see eye to eye on things but they had mutual respect for each other in hindsight ahead to be an interesting thing. You know she's Sort of running women's wrestling forever so feels okay. Did you drop another tooth? The hell was that. I don't know something fell. Was that also tooth? You should check the floor. Hang on Jack Jack Tooth. Check to check got it got it okay. There we go. Now we're back fabulous moolah interesting personality. She's ran women's wrestling for a long time. Now she's After being the top dog really with no competition anywhere inside she's asked to put over Sherri Martel here. How'd that go over? Well it went over. Well you know. I think that the the best part of the match was the strapping young baby phase. Play by play Guy What I was listening I mean he. I was very good looking very dynamic. Probably well podcast. Jonah we're talking about Eric. Bischoff who Eric Bischoff. He's very good-looking. Oil and podcast talking now. No no no he was with Awa. Thakur's was Tony. Shivani who me the fat guy. That doesn't know what to Taylor is. Why are you talking about Michael Hayes like that Michael Taylor's this shit now not all of it but at least his pants? Let's keep it moving here after winning the title. Hey on so Aside from the great play by play on that Moolah move was cool. Moolah had zero problem dropping the title Sherry however when Sherry showed up and Moulis opinion she was. She wasn't in top notch shape and she didn't look like some lawn was getting the torch passed. Heard be able to go on to the next level well. And after that she's working with rock and Robin and it's just weird. How all of this sort of ties together. She's the daughter of Grizzly Smith. The Guy who helps here getting the business that we talked about earlier even though there's a women's title in Nineteen Ninety seven there's not a lot of women in the division Sherry ever put in a good word for any other female wrestlers like Medusa. She did good work for Medusa at the time and I think that Medusa was pretty well set in the Awa and I don't think that she was looking to make a move and I want to say that during this time was like the first. The first time Medusa hit started going to Japan as well so that was an attractive thing for her but you know Sherri Sherri one to work Sherry wanted to work in the rain Sherry wanted to manage Sherry just wanted to work and be involved and make as much money as she could so she was always on the lookout for any new opponents and people that could come in to spice it up for but it was a different time in the business as well for our company to have more than two full time. Women Rustler's it just wasn't feasible. It wasn't something that you looked at and said okay. Hey we've got a roster here than there was no roster she had your female champion and then you had opponents for from time to time and maybe doing angle. Maybe you do something. But it was the attraction of C. You know come see the women. Oh my God wait women wrestle. They can vote. What the Hell's going on here by God? Burn here Loyd blaming actually rational Sherry makes debut at the first survivor series nineteen eighty-seven she's teaming with the women's tag champions. The Glamour Girls Judy Martin Lawn and dawn. Marie and Donna Kherson Allo. They took on the Fabulous. Moolah the jumping bomb angels and Internet Favorite Velvet McIntyre and rock and Robin in the Math Sherry eliminates rock and Rahman before Kraken Robin Not Rahman. It'd be funny though before being eliminated by Velvet McIntyre interesting. Decision haven't McIntyre Eliminate Sherry. I mean she's the She's the women's champion. She's getting eliminated. And so I guess that sets up a bunch of House show matches and it does. She's working with rock and Robin and Velvet McIntyre on the loops afterwards and somewhere around this time she gets another piece of business and this is probably the first time I saw her she starts accompanying the Honky. Tonk man drinks as peggy sue rocking the poodle skirt and a wig and glasses. Whose idea is a half Sherry. Be Peggy Sue who probably will be debated forever. I think it was a cross between Jimmy. Hart and Pat Patterson to just add a little bit too Sherry. Was there on the cards anyway. And it was something else for Sherry to do and the best part about it is is not everybody in in fact very few knew that it was Sherri Martel. Do the Peggy Sue Gimmick. So she would do double duty a lot of times that the Iranian she would go out and work SHERRI MARTEL. Then she'd come back and be peggy sue or vice versa. There any long term plans for peggy sue or was it just an off. The cuff idea. Didn't last very long. I know it was. It was just something do ans- honky tonk man. And I forget who honky was a program with time but it was a way to just one more tool for honky. To use in his matches was a fun. Little look for sure October. Seven nine hundred ninety eight Paris France. Rockin Robin would defeat Sherry to win the women's title and she would hold it until it was eventually phased out in February of nineteen ninety. Of course we know by that time. Shares off to the races in a managerial capacity. But why was the decision made to Sort of do away with women's wrestling in that era. The large talent pool of women wrestlers to draw from. So it's you can continue to. You can continue the division but it's just GonNa be the same people over and over again so there wasn't anything really choose from to freshen up that division so you really didn't have a division. You had a belt. Yes some of the war. That belt beyond that there wasn't a whole lot to it We don't see a whole ton of of Sherry on TV for awhile elements. She's working rematches on how shows And then finally you know when we see Wrestlemania five come to a conclusion Sherry is GonNa Confront Elizabeth and during an interview leading to a confrontation between the two. Savage would repeatedly threatened to hit Elizabeth. Of course Hogan comes to her aid. Sherry then attack..

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