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We have a president who has talked for a couple of years now about imprisoning his political rival in Hillary Clinton who is encouraged violence against the media. Just last week talking about the assault on a reporter by congressman in Montana saying that he that he's his kinda guy. It's hard to see this outside of the context of the president's hostility hostility towards towards Mrs Clinton who tried to briefly speak towards unity toward Barack Obama towards George Soros, the president and his allies they need to dial down the the political rhetoric. They are making people less safe. They are making journalists left safe, and they are making law enforcement officers, less safe. We don't know who did this. We don't know what what their motive was burnt. But it's a very obvious thread. And maybe it's meant as a ruse, but it's an obvious read the Obamas the Clintons. John Brennan CNN. George soros. These are people and organizations that President Trump continually attack demonize recalls, but if you look at who they've targeted so far it's almost like they're following Donald Trump's Twitter feed. Good grief. I this is my goodness. I'm gonna tell you what. So this was the media just yesterday. This was the media yesterday with all of this nonsense. And I just find it disgusting. I find it gross. You also had this is while the media was doing this the New York Times. Was. Printing, fantasies. Of Trump being assassinated with the help of secret service. It was written by an author named Zoe sharp who said she was honored to be in the New York Times with her piece on the president being shot. This is what this is what published this is what was published in the New York Times yesterday quote. When it was time. He went downstairs took his place in the lobby for the entourage appeared. The hotel staff had been lined up to see their boss, the president go by a few of them applauded. Most did not the president didn't seem to notice. He waved his desultory fashion. The secret service agents clustered around him ushered him toward the armored limo idling outside of the church and the Russian waited until they were a few steps passed before he drew the gun. He cited on the center of the president's back and he squeezed the trigger. And this is. Yeah. This is what was in the New York Times. This was what was in the New York Times yesterday. Oh, and then win his gun jammed. And it was called how it ends by the way by Zoe sharp. They say, you know, when it was he must be silenced. This is what this is what they wrote. He says he squeeze the trigger has gone misfire the secret service agent at the president's shoulder heard the click and spun into a crouch, he registered the scene instantly drawing his own weapon with razor, Ed reflexes, the Russian tasted failure, he closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost. It did not come. He opened his eyes. The secret service agents stood before him, presenting his Glock. But I hear the agents said politely Hughes mine. I'm sorry. What was that? All these people were saying about the. Yeah. About civility in the New York Times yesterday. What was that? They were all saying. I'm so confused. What what was it? Because sounds like they need to take their own actual advice. This is the stuff they did. This is the stuff they do. And apparently isn't there like a movie something somebody else's like fantasizing, something cinematic about it? I don't I remember reading something the other day. That is. Amazing that you have these two things occurring simultaneously. This. This is exactly what I'm talking about. The the you have a lot of people in media who want to make themselves victims because they're upset at being called out for recklessness. Irresponsible. Not journalism. Just propagandizing is what it is. And a free people have every right to call out and criticize their free press. And when the free press starts telling a free people that they cannot criticize than you're infringing upon their ride our right of free speech, and free expression. That is how speech and freedom works in the United States. You can write an article that's demonstrably false for which you either have to issue a retraction or apologize and take down or corrected or do whatever entirely. And there have been numerous publications in networks that have done that repeatedly. We have cited their examples ad nauseam on this program on a near daily basis. When you are purposefully writing something to convey, an agenda, and you don't even bother to check. The basic fact of the matter you are not participating in journalism, you are acting as a propagandizing stooge. And you have every right to be called out for that while clinging to the vestige of journalism and using that as a veneer to hide your actual activity, a free people have every right to call you out about that. A free people have every right to say that what you're doing is fake news. As someone who has fake news written about her quite frequently, for instance, media matters, which is a website that is was founded by a guy named David Brock. It's holy subsidized by Soros. And it was founded by a guy named David Brock who got in trouble. Because apparently the entity was encouraging its employees to legally carry guns in Washington. DC daily caller did a great expose on this, and apparently employees, according to the daily caller were nervous about media matters bosses erotic behavior due to drugs. They love writing maliciously false hit pieces about conservatives with the purpose to further divide America into insight, and I had commentary the other day on how a an anti gun group was using elections as a way to call for swatting all law abiding gun owners, basically, no matter where they are. And they were using off you see it on the on the on election day, they were calling to use taxpayer resources to sway. What innocent law abiding Americans simply if they were gun owners, and I said that's dangerous. And I said first of all it's not those law abiding gun owners. Those aren't the ones that are going off and doing all of the carnage that we're seeing and I said, Furthermore, if something were to ever happen be at anywhere around a pole in place, or wherever you would be glad that there was a law abiding gun owner there to defend you media matters takes that says Dana lash calls for conservatives to bring guns to polling places. Yes. I did consult a lawyer. You are correct. Because I am L litigious bitch. Now, I'm done with it. Because this is these are the type of people I'm talking about media matters rights headlines, like these because they want to incite, I honestly believe that some of these people are begging for violence because they right horrible things about innocent people because they hate them. They that's what it is. They can't stand it. So they are do you know, how many people I had threatened to kill me. In response to media matters matters. This piece. You're welcome media matters you on that. And again, don't forget this is an entity that was more than happy to illegally carry guns into D while riding maliciously, false pieces designed to hurt and incite violence around innocent people. And the daily caller expose think says it all I don't know if drugs in illegal illegally possessed guns are still running the show over there. But it did apparently for quite some time, according to the people who work there. But yes, I did ask a lawyer about it because I said I've gotten I've had people. I mean, I already had to move because of stuff like what media matters does. So yeah, we have every right to call this stuff out because that's not free press. That's propagandizing. And as a free citizen. I have every right to call it out. And if you want me to stop well, come on down to Texas because it's not going to happen. It is ridiculous. There are people out there that wanna ruin lives because of politics, and because of what you believe and be cut just for that. Because they don't know how to coexist civilly. They simply do not see you have. For instance, this false headline had someone who told me I should stop the business end of a barrel. I had someone else who said I'd love to meet you at your polling place. I because of a false headline. Just like when the president said he hated fake news media. He hates fake news. That's the the fake news is the enemy of the people. Everyone dropped everything that he said purposefully and made it out to him saying, well, the media's the enemy of the people. He said, no such thing. That's false. He said, no such thing. You can hate his policies all you want to. But you don't do yourself any good when you lie about what he said to justify hatred. My gosh. This is this is exactly what we're talking about. And what you're we're gonna get lectured. I'm not going to be lectured by a newspaper that publishes assassination fantasies. I'm not going to be lectured by anyone that has ever published any ridiculous horrible, unfounded unsourced bidder. Rag hate hit piece on anybody. There's this idea that somehow. You are unaccountable if you're part of the press, and if you are believe in a free press, but as a free woman, I have an I reserve every right to criticise what is reported and how it is reported. N you truly support a free press you support that. That's part of a free press. If you do not support a free people criticizing and holding accountable. What they're free press reports you do not support a free press. So stop pretending like you do. You want government controlled propaganda? And there are a million other countries on this planet where you can go and get that. Now, I mentioned this morning rhetoric. And people get so mad at what Trump says. Where was this anger? Where was the Sanger back in two thousand and my gosh, we could even go back further, but let's just start with two thousand and eight. I was at a rally one time. Saint louis. My hometown. This was the end it was supposed to be like this family friendly rally in the park, right? Against healthcare. And this is back when you know, I think my radio program wasn't even daily at. This is also the last time I stopped bringing my kids to anything. It was a beautiful fall evening. We were just I mean, literally had gummy bear snacks and juice boxes. And we were there just, you know, holding discussing about healthcare and holding up signs about healthcare cetera. Progressives showed up. Somebody screamed in my child's face. And because they didn't like the signs they were screaming and it got out of hand real quick. So within ten minutes of people showing up. We I grab my kids and we were out of there. I have seen the violent nature of some of these people on the fringe. You wanna talk about rhetoric saying that we were racist? Because somehow we oppose healthcare we had the president of the United States at the time that supported that sentiment. If you opposed his policies you did. So because you are a racist. Just like if you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, you did you felt that way because you were a sexist. It didn't matter if you were good enough to vote for her husband, they'll take your votes, but the second that you decide to do something differently. Because you're tired of being lectured to about pronouns and everything else. Then suddenly you magically turned into a a racist bigot. You weren't a racist bigot when you were voting democrat. But the moment you decided to exercise your free will and go somewhere else, then you became a racist democrat are racist sexist. That's how that went. I I it's all of the name calling and the vitriolic language. I I I was called a tea Bagger to my face by people in media on television. You want to lecture me about tone in civility. This is how Donald Trump became president. Because people were tired of being called names by the very people lecturing us now. They were tired of having their characters impune simply because they didn't want to pay for your healthcare. They had a hard enough time paying for their own families premiums and keeping a roof over their heads and food on their tables. This has been going on for so long. And now all of these individuals who enthusiastically engaged in that. When there is a Republican. That doesn't really say anything differently than they ever have. They lose their minds. Oh, suddenly now, it's Trump's America. Suddenly now, it's completely different. I'm not saying that it's good or bad. What I'm saying? Stop acting like this is something this administration invented stop acting like the amount of ridiculousness isn't disproportionate. Politics is always going to be polarized. But people used to be able to coexist and see each other as humans and not just issues. And I'm gonna tell you what I wasn't the one who stopped doing that. I wasn't the one who ended friendships. I wasn't the one who stopped talking to people because they thought differently from me or they voted differently. From me are they believed things differently than I do that wasn't me. It wasn't anybody that I know. Some of need to do a gut. Check. But I definitely do see people. I don't know they're conservative over the Akash. Can you all rate? Anybody who supports Trump is racist? Seriously. I'm tired.

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