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So more information coming out. By the way, it looks like gaming. Harris is not gonna go for the Patriots. So that also makes things a little bit more interesting in the backfield there with the Patriots. Maybe James White gets a little bit more run that he's been a pretty frustrate also Dante Moncrief, but you weren't gonna play Donte Moncrief anyways. But some people out there who probably had, um David Harris, I say, Sonny Michelle. All of a sudden becomes kind of an interesting dark throw play. But again, it's gets that Miami defense, which, by the way we said earlier on, we liked them. So without Damian Harris, you feel better about picking the Miami Dolphins defense, at least in fantasy. I'm sure. I mean, I think if you didn't change much for you, I didn't really change. Running back situation doesn't change much for me. It's whether nothing get a picture too. Yeah, in that game, and then we're not special teams can sneak in the house one If you came Grant, this is is playing that that's really what it would have closed out. This one from Austin. Do I stick with Zeke? Now the Damon Harris is out. I also have Tony Pollard. Look, It's explain. You're gonna play him over pull Tony Pollard, but I don't feel great about it. I don't feel great about the situation. You love some clarity, right? We'd love some clarity there because he was question coming into the game. But it's likely that Zeke plays and if that's the case, you probably just rolled them. I think it's a little too cute to be like I'm gonna play the backup. Yeah, I think I think you have to. It's 61 of those guys. You just you just play. One more question here before we get to our fancy football. Updates. Lizzie, Tim, Patrick DJ shark or a brown? I'm assuming you mean and Tony because there's a J. Brown. It's very easy. It's a J. Brown. But if it's Antonio, it is a little bit more of an interesting question. I probably lean D J. H. Ark. In this case, because I expect the Jacksonville is going to need to throw and the Ravens, though they are a very good defense we saw if it's Devante Harris On EJ shark. That's a winnable matchup or shark. So I I like DJ chart a little bit more in this match of Antonio Brown and Tim Patrick. A pretty close for me overall in this one. But if you take your brown isn't easy decision. Yeah, Tim Patrick is it's really depends on who's picking him up in this game. If if True, Davis White is on him, then you gotta shut that down if whites on the other side of the field Patrick's probably good for 60 and score, too, So you know, it's really just a coin flip there. It's It's kind of a stretch shark is probably the safer play all the way around. Patrick probably is the highest upside round could sneak in there. I think I'd avoid Lindsay altogether. Yeah, I think so. Unfortunately. On. But it's interesting that you sort of bring that up because most defense's have been giving jury Judy the majority of the attention like that. That seems to be the play for most defense's, though in this last game. Look, AJ Hammer might be making an argument that you're gonna have to play a little bit more umbrella. You have to keep somebody deep back because KJ Handler's been taken advantage when you start to see the plan that the Broncos put together coming to fruition here, you know if you put too much attention on one guy, they're going to find the other guys in this office to burn you with And that was without Noah Fant fatback. In the mix their court with sudden back in the mix there. Now aside, let's pick your poison. I'm really looking forward to seeing this broncosoffense next year. Definitely looking forward to seeing the Bronco's plate today against the Bills are. Let's get to the fancy football update. Then that's football update is presented by a red bird farms with real chicken tastes like pickups, Red bird farms chicken at your local kings, Super City market or Safeway and make your fancy meal tonight. Fantasy football up day. We are learning that match. Stafford is expected to give it a go can't keep that guy down. It was one respect to the sideline him for one of two weeks going forward, and now he's already played Thursday night this week, but going forward Derek Carr that groin injury expected to miss one or two weeks should be back in time for the Broncos. Julio Jones is out this week. All right. You mastered active, we'll see how much run he gets as it were with the Niners. I thought it's funny how and we've been doing this now. The whole season. The fantasy football update has the Julio Jones speak of the Julio Jones up there? We always have to get some kind of Julio Jones something in there. And Yeah, he's gonna be out. So cue up. Russell Gauge queue up. Calvin Ridley, You're gonna already start Calvin really? That it really wasn't gonna be a question, But yeah, So that's that's kind of what we have there for the fancy football update. By the way, another one just to throw that out there because some people might not realize it looks like Colt McCoy is looking to start. Daniel Jones might not play. So for the Giants that won just came across the wire. Which is why my my browns bet has been the lock of the week old. You felt pretty good about that. Um, gosh. Where was gonna go? Yeah. Taysom Hill. Taysom Hill is not gonna put a lot of people had to build a lot of people love tasting Hill in the matchup against Kansas City just sort of thought again his floor because he's going to run the ball, But it's gonna be Drew Brees out there. So clearly you're not gonna want to start tasting Hill, but I wouldn't drop him just yet. I would I would hold on to taste of hell for a couple of couple beats there just because if Drew Brees has any setbacks Member, the his ribs are magically healed. He's just gonna go out there. Probably the flak jacket and they're gonna try to do the best to just help me get rid of the ball. Yeah, I've also heard tasting. Maybe the Red Zone package guy they may switch out put him into the red zone. So this may be a bad week for either quarterback 100%. No, I'm not even putting Drew Brees in there at all. Like I'm I'm keeping Drew Brees firmly on my bench. But I'm also saying, like People get, you know they get quick trigger with these things that you know, taste smell. I'm gonna drop him because he's not even starting. It's like well, I had hang in there just a little bit. All right. Good luck, everybody. I'll be back on at 12 30 with Dave.

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