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Well, then that to this impeachment conversation. Do you think the Republicans of the nineteen nineties these Newt Gingrich Republicans would have any advice Democrats that that just swept to power? Well, one of the things that was I learned I learned so much on this project, you know, in one thousand nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight midterm elections. The Republicans actually take a real drubbing, and there is a genuine Blue Wave in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which is the signal to politicians that they don't want the president impeach- and the Republicans move forward with it. Anyway, the other thing to keep in mind that I didn't realize impeachment is a deeply political act. It's not illegal act. You're not on trial in a court of law. It's a political act. And I think the political well has to be there to do it. Otherwise, I think if you move forward with an impeachment, and the political will isn't there? It's deeply damaging to the country. A lot of Democrats begging to pass some bills to two policies. But then you've got the other Democrats. Who ran on providing a real check on the White House and some investigations we will see what strategy wins here. In the meantime, Blair will look for the Clinton affair next episodes on agony tonight starting at nine pm. Thank you. Oh, thank you so much for having me on. And one last thing this just be clear. I mean, we didn't win enough yesterday. Our partners at ESPN reported that the Cleveland Browns who've recently fired their coach one to interview several replacements, but a source in the NFL offices told them one stuck out Condoleeza Rice. That's right. The former secretary of state under George W Bush. He's a huge football fan. She was actually part of the committee that selects the college football playoff teams. The Browns said, no, they aren't interviewing rice, they haven't actually considered her. But it raises the question when will we see a female head coach in the pros in just the last few years, we've seen a number of women higher to be decision-makers at the highest level of men's sports two years ago. Catherine Smith was hired by the Buffalo Bills becoming the first woman to work fulltime on an NFL coaching staff this year the Oakland Raiders hired twenty six year old Kelsey Martinez to be on their strength and conditioning staff and at forty Niners games. You will see Katie sours rocking the headset as an offensive assistant that doesn't even count. The number of women who are finding respect in pro basketball locker rooms, but still an assist. Is one thing a head coaching gig. Where wins and losses all rest on you were public perception can be fickle where you can get blamed for a players mistakes is another Condoleeza Rice. Meanwhile, says she will not be the first female head coach she says, she does not have enough experience. Plus even detractors would say with her pedigree. She shouldn't be setting her sights on running one team he should be eyeing a job as Commissioner.

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