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Malik Cunningham is Taysom Hill. Oh, wow. Yeah, she goes, get focused on that. Oh, yeah. Those things got a little toy this year. We got little, we got packages. Yeah, what position does he play? I don't know, all of them? Quarterback. You know, he plays football player. Ever heard of Julian Edelman playing defense that one game? Doing everything. And Pop Douglas, hello. This guy looks like the steal of the draft. Everybody's a steal of the draft for another Patriots. He's fantastic. So I feel oddly optimistic. Oddly optimistic in the AFC East. Go ahead, Jacoby. Jacob, is Mac Jones' comeback completely unrealistic to you? Semi-realistic or realistic? Oh, my God, don't get me started on, go ahead, Jacoby. I know that you two don't believe what you're saying. You want to believe what you're saying. I do, I've already bet on multiple bets. You do not believe what you're saying. Career is tied to it. They're the worst team in the AFC East. Why? Why? Yeah, tell me why. Because the other three teams are better, right? They have the worst, do they have the worst quarterback in the division? Well, we have a quarterback that's gonna play for four months. Do they have the worst quarterback in the division? Are you saying Tua, you'd rather have Tua than Mac Jones? Yes. When Tua, one more hit from, we might not see him play football again. Like, I just don't understand how that variable is not discussed when people talk about the offense. He had three concussions last year. I mean, it's sad. I feel bad for him, but I don't think. One more bad season for Mac Jones, we might not see him again. He's had a really good training camp. Oh, he's had an amazing training camp. And he only had one off-season because he had a defensive guy calling his plays. The playbook was half of the size. When they showed up, they were like, where's the rest of the playbook? That's it, that's all Matt has gotten to. Like, oh, my God, Matt, Patricia, what are you doing? Jacob's last year was an all-time organizational disaster from a coaching standpoint. It just, it was one of the craziest situations I've ever seen in all my years following Boston sports teams, what they did last year. Who was the head coach? The aging Bill Belichick. Hey, the maverick. Okay, so here's the thing is, when we're discussing who's gonna win the AFC East, the question shouldn't be why isn't it the Patriots, okay? It shouldn't be like the lead question because I would say that I would pick the Patriots just to finish last in the AFC East. And I would pick the Bills to win the AFC East. Because let's not forget a year ago, how did we feel about the Bills? They were like top three teams in terms of Super Bowl. They got their asses kicked in the playoffs. Okay, let me tell you why. Because Josh Allen got hurt in the Jets game and was not right for the whole second half of the season. Like, he just not was himself. And we all saw it on the field. It was one of those things where it's like, oh, look, he got a little hurt in this one game and it completely changed for the rest of the game. You said they haven't added anybody. Jacob, does Josh Allen play defense? I forget. Oh, wait, he doesn't? So when the Bengals just completely manhandled them offensively and just overpowered them and everybody was like, whoa, the Bills defense, man, they look really small. They look, they just got overpowered. And then they fired the defensive coordinator and now this year it's like, the Bills defense, still really good. It's like, is it? With Von Miller coming back, I am a little bit nervous. Is he gonna come back? He's in his mid-30s and he had a serious injury last year. Losing Edwards is a bigger problem for the Bills defense than the health of Von Miller because he was a big part of what they did in linebacker and they're leaning on Milano a lot. And their cornerbacks aren't the best, but their safety, I'd say high employer, that's one of the best safety combos out there. Cool, that's the least valuable position in football.

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