José Ramírez, Regis, Taylor Caterham discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix


Whoever is around José Ramírez wants this pro graphite. I don't think they ever did. I don't think they want it now. There's no reason for top rank not to go out sign Regis pro grade. Like he is aligned with pro bellum right now, but like that's sort of like a weird arrangement. I think that pro gray is available to be signed to a co promotional type deal to work with. They could pick him up and do multiple fights with Regis program. But they don't want to do it. And because they don't want to do it, I think they want to keep these 140 pounders within their universe. That means take a few more Lopez against the winner of Taylor caterham, assuming Taylor wins and then maybe Regis pro gray fights the winner of that down the line. I don't see any scenario where we get Ramirez against pro gray. One thing I would say if you're pro gray, like, call the bluff of team Ramirez here. Like, if you're Regis pro gray, how much does it really hurt you going up to 40% and say like you said you do the fight at 40%? How much would it will you actually do it? Like, because if you're Regis pro grey, again, I don't know who he's going to fight. He's not going to get anybody on the top ranked side of the ledger. There's nothing really for him in that matchroom golden boy universe right now. You go overseas and maybe take a fight. No, I got an idea. I was looking down the box rec ranking. He's trying to make heads or tails of who's available and who's doable. And there's two guys, three guys actually, that stood out to me as conceivable. I'm not saying they're going to happen. One was, Sergey Libyans was coming back down to a 140 was a champion. He has a victory over Omar figueroa since the loss at welterweight.

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