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The mom goes off? I don't remember but I can look it up. I can look it up. You know, let's do this don't look it up and see if I can figure out so she does. Okay. So the child comes in I do my usual thing. I do lots of movement checks and all that and then I had the child I said, okay stand on one leg. She said her left leg stand on the edge. It's still going to write like you know, hop on one leg. She hopped on her left. I said, okay now hop on the other way and she said I can't I turned to the mom and I said I think we just found it so that off functional problem. The hip is fixed, but the function through the whole movement system was there's an enormous Gap and the function was kind of not there. I mean she could walk but more complex movements that required more strength in that leg and standing she could stand but she could not hop. So I woke up her her chart. It's been a couple of years and three visits she comes in and she goes look hop, hop hop hop hop on her right leg. So, it wasn't the orthopedist had fixed the hip the problem with the functionality was an upstream problem with the pelvis itself that had gotten off. Worked probably in utero along with the hip being injured and just working on the hip just trying to fix the hip would not have gotten her there and certainly not off as quickly and as thoroughly as going to the Upstream problem. So when we look at the body from a whole body biomechanical movement perspective, we find all kinds of things that I think really get to the heart of what the problem is cuz the acute problem is over they have recovered but there remains these this whole body movement problem that sometimes is very difficult to see and I turn to them her mother and I said, how come we're just noticing this now with her teachers her her pediatrician like nobody's noticed that she can't hop on one leg.

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