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Bring back right for the highway highway in front of them. It flew above the car keeping pace with him. Charlie thrilled that they were driving almost parallel to it told kenny to pullover over then the object dropped to ground level and passed across the highway in front of them kenny slammed on the brakes afraid they were going to hit the craft the light and glided out of their way and came to a stop by the far side of the road hovering silently. The hickson family car had come to a complete fleet halt. The entire family stared in wonder except blanche who was so terrified. She buried her face in her hands hands. Charlie gaped in wonder and excitement. This was the moment he had been waiting for a chance to meet the mysterious beings who had contacted him on so many occasions. He opened his side door. This little gesture broke the family out of their stupor. Blanche grabbed grabbed hold of charlie and pulled him back into the car. Charlie protested shouting that he had to meet them. His terrified family pleaded with him to not go. This struggle lasted only for a moment the radio in charlie's head switched on he heard that familiar voice again and go there will be another time another place. Charlie finally stopped fighting and sat back down disheartened. Charlie early closed his door and they sped off into the night. The hickson family was utterly stunned by what they had. It just seen kenny insisted they pull over and call someone. They had all seen the same thing they needed to report it. He found a payphone and and called the closest government facility. He could think of kiesler air force base charlie almost laughed. He knew exactly what they would say a he had been through the same ordeal. Only eight months earlier sure enough. Kenny came back to report that the person on duty had told him. We don't handle that kind of thing anymore. They recommended kenny report this to local law enforcement then hung up the hixon's did not report this encounter likely due to charlie's prior experience with media scrutiny. The encounter on mother's day is by far the most credible of charlie hixon's repeat encounters unlike his experiences at the tree farm or outside his house. There were four other witnesses to corroborate what he saw. Kenny kurt and sheila all verified the appearance of the craft in separate interviews his wife blanche could only verify what it looked like in the sky because because she had covered her eyes in fright once the craft got near the highway finally charlie had someone else besides calvin to verify one of his alien encounters counters but in actuality the hixon's were not the only people in mississippi to report a u._f._o. Citing that year at around this time more citizens citizens of mississippi were coming forward with their own stories of strange inexplicable phenomena among the i was charles delk a constable in pedal mississippi. He saw something on october. Seventh nineteen seventy-three something that he would never forget get next will follow charlesdale as he encounters a u._f._o. I like to keep healthy so i watch what i put in and on my body i don't want to deal with it's full of chemicals in so i searched for natural deodorant but never found one that worked for me. The didn't work or only worked for a few hours at a time and then i had to reapply then try native after just one day i a new i was gonna leave my old deodorant behind it lasted all day long without needing to be reapplied and kept me smelling fresh from morning podcast recording all the way through my my evening jim workout native doesn't contain any harsh chemicals like aluminum parabens or talk they use ingredients found in nature like coconut oil shea butter and tapioca tapioca starch. I use natives eucalyptus and mid center deodorant but they make other sense like the citrus and musk cucumber and mint charcoal as well as some seasonal seasonal sense plus they even make an unscented formula and baking soda free formula for those with sensitivities for twenty percent off your first purchase visit native deodorant dot dot com and use promo code extra during checkout. That's native deodorant dot com and promo code extra during checkout for twenty percent off your first purchase birthdays.

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Charlie Hixon, Kenny Kurt, Blanche discussed on Extraterrestrial

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