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How the world is changing. And we're in the middle of it right now, we go to TJ in Rhode Island high teaching you're on with Robert Phoenix. Go ahead. Oh, thank you. Because Robert Phoenix right now after that comment and the phrase dispensationalist, mafia, and the elimination of Scofield at all, and their shady histories and past is my new BFF, CLYDE, I just want you to know you've been replaced right now for that. Okay. But yeah, no in terms of the book of revelation as a person who if I had to go along with any of this. I would favor a first century Perez. And you know, when they try and say about eliminating something like this. That's because they really can't explain it without making a scheme of the whole thing and trying to connect it through the entire New Testament, which is essentially a very anti Jewish book. Because Christianity isn't itself, very anti Jewish religion. And yet if you look you can see the political cults that refer to themselves as religion today falling over themselves in an attempt to support Israel, which is another word that really has no application to the country in the Middle East today. So what you're saying is what collective guilt on the subject of this post holocaust situation, we live in right now. Because if you would ask anybody right now who is the greatest enemy of the early Christian church. Wade say the Romer or Israel don't. No, no, no, no. Because the greatest enemy was the Jewish government situation. They were the ones that's why you get phrases like, you'll be whipped in the synagogue. Nobody says you'll be whipped in the temples of Mars, Venus, everything here has to do with the fact that they're being replaced and God is going to destroy Jerusalem, destroy Israel and replace it with the new Jerusalem, the new Israel of the church, and they're going to be punished for the murder of Jesus and everything else, and then you can add to this to noncanonical references like you find in Josephus where the high priest of the last Passover is bringing a heifer to be sacrificed and halfway up it gives birth to a lamb and that he's performing ministrations of the temple. And the entire thing begins shaking and voices are heard until they say with one loud multitudinous voice. Let us depart from here or the signs in the heavens where there's a media or shaped like a sword hanging over the city of Jerusalem before its destruction or divisions. That go throughout Israel at the time showing a cl- Lisa from Josephus Suetonius Tacitus, plenty whoever you can go back in time and see all of these things here, and the fact that everything is being replaced and really when they talk about building the second temple. Why don't you ask them sometimes who is going to ministry in this Campbell because none of them can prove without conviction that they are descended pure unadulterated? Because all those records would destroyed and burned by the Romans when the temple was destroyed. There is no proof. It actually reminds me a lot about the Royal family as well about what they do how they want to believe that they are there. Royal descending. Royal blood of directive Joseph of Arimathea, even Jesus can't prove any of this is what I'm saying. There is no anymore and at the time there was proof, but the destruction of the temple destroyed the Jewish identity completely. And if Christianity is the way to salvation you'd have to say why would God set up a dual? Will system where I came here to save the juice, but I'm gonna let them still be Jews. Even though some of them will convert and some of them won't and all of this. It's just become a money-making scaremongering attempt to, you know, Pat, your pockets or something, but what I really wanted to get to was I use the chain recently for this millennial situation noticing that the numerical values of each hexagon correspond to the numerical values of a year. And each time sixteen was enthusiasm thunder above the earth below when you keep going on. And last year was disaster threatened, and they seem to apply to most of the leaders at least within the western world. And if I were to say anything right now, I would say that Donald Trump is about to lose quite a bit of his power before this cycle and starting with the lunar new year. What do you say about that, Robert? Well, clearly, he's got he's going to be affected by these classes because he's got a a stallion of planets in the sign of cancer. He's got Saturday. Cancer mercury cancer and Venus a cancer. And he's eclipses are going to happen all around cancer and Capricorn for this next eclipse cycle and part of that cycles gonna be taking place in his fifth house, which which is connected to his children. And and I've been saying this for a while. But I think Trump is going to have problems with the children specifically, Don, jR, who has to be a Capricorn. So there is a lessening of his power during this time. I think he's gonna come through that effect, but it will say this. If Trump does make it through this next year and a half the lunar goat is going to be sending into his ten house and approaching his bid heaven and his son. So if he gets through this time. He'll be stronger than ever. But this time that you're referring to. I think is a pretty precarious one. The interpretation that he loses a foreign power, but it's replaced with a little bit more honor. Maybe. Yeah. That's interesting. I think that that. Yeah. I think that this actually. Yeah. Okay. One question though. Are you saying that Trump will fall on his sword? Are that you're trying to say what he is going to do is? He's going to be restrained. He will lose gradually over the period of this cycle. And I'm using the lunar cycle based upon the fact that you ching is a Chinese thing. So I'm going from that entire situation. He will slowly surely start losing thority and power becoming more of a figurehead, but he won't be as reviled by the end of the cycle that he is right now. So he may he may come off history may be kinder to him that we realized yes the future history. The history will be kind to him than this. But one question for the for for about the says moon Mars conjunction interest. That's what I have does. That mean, anything that my birthday? Yeah. Well, bars projection in tourist visa, you have very strong feelings. Right. I mean, you're passionate. I you hear it in your voice. You're you're passionate, but you're grounded at the same time. You know, that's the nature. That's the nature of Torah. So you're going to be able to express yourself in a pretty passionate manner. But because you are grounded in tourist a lot of what you're going to express is going to be sort of rooted in sacked in actuality and practicality. Look, you test things out before you deliver an opinion. That'd be the nature of booed Mars choice. Also was your mother dominated with the moon. Mars conjunction where she for big person in your life. Yes. Yeah. That's another component with Moore's conjunction and over time. You may seek out women who would play the role of your mother, but may not necessarily be appropriate. Lebron relationship mood dejection. Oh, all right. Okay. I wasn't sure you know, like, I said, I'll leave up the judgement of history and CLYDE as to whether that fits, well, you got people lined up. I don't wanna take up time. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Let's go to Greg in Oregon. Hi, Gregory with Robert Phoenix. Go ahead. Quite turn on your radio. Go ahead. Okay. I have a total this dream. And I mean like I've been waiting to call you for a while. Because I think you guys just got this ask, and they apocalyptic saying all screwed up because first of all it has to do with first of all you go back to the beginning of the universe. And if you go to politics universe is infinite instead of instead of ending in time and beginning in time, all revelations Genesis is all basically piece of crap. Well know what I was saying was it's not it's a loop. It's something that continues. I don't I don't disagree with you slipped a loop. But I mean, this is something they been court upon you by the Abraham the religions, and I will say I do not follow the Abraham MC religions, but I will just say that you know, it's been brainwashed. You because it's neat. You all guy. Everybody who follows the Abraham like religions. Interval? All different. You gotta do what I say and accept Tra and the whole idea of a Jillian and fits right into it. Because there's a kind of like, I told you soul. Yeah. You got to do what I say. Well, a lot of people use it for power. I agree with your people. That's one of the reasons why I brought up the topic tonight of how a lot of people now are saying we shouldn't use the book revelation that maybe it's time to abandon it and not read it and to just stick with all the peace, and harmony that's in the bible so ticket for what you will. Yeah. I would I would also throughout most of the New Testament except for maybe you here and. John keeps that in there. Because. I'm of the. Opinion, choosing skied in Kashmir he didn't he didn't die in Jerusalem. Paul basically took over the Christian movement and said here this morning. I bring on all these gentiles. Well, that's what a lot of people feel that the believe that Paul had some ulterior motive. So I mean, that's that's another topic for another time..

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