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As always if you enjoy this episode then please leave a review on i tunes battles now. Now let's get started. Hey creators. let's talk about youtube shorts fest up today. Youtube is launching a hundred million dollars. Shorts fund for creators. Yes you may be wondering what youtube shorts. Oh well ensure that by short form videos are up to minute long thing tiktok or rose. Now if you're already in the know however you'll be interested to know that shorts of just launched own us creators and while there's no indication when uk traitors will get their fix. Youtube has announced plans to distribute creative fund with one hundred million dollars in two thousand twenty one and twenty twenty two. It's a tactic we've seen before we've snapchat. Which offered a share of one million dollars daily to create behind the highest performing short form content. So as you cheap monetize shorts well. It's the same reason. Any platform monetizes a key feature created by if greatest no they stand to financially benefit from a new feature service. It makes sense that they'll put their efforts into making content. It's more engaging for the user which in turn naturally says you gbs interests keep shorts on the platform and let us know what you think in the facebook group tiktok shop or you going profile shop basket. Scroll down see what you like next up. Talk is testing an in app shopping. Tub that's right take talks next. Move is to add a native shopping feature similar to instagram. According to bloomberg a new shopping tab is being tested select brands across europe. One of which a streetwalker pot o'brien hype take his made colmes updates in the past like it's t spring integration. Fakhri says or. It's live infomercial test. But this native shopping feature sounds more like how social uses are used to experiencing social comments. The brands involved in the task. Now have a shopping type in their profile Can list products. Prices have follow. Us will be able to select what they want to buy. Choose specifics like the size cola and at checkout on delivery information all in the app of course this is great. News for many brands increases on tiktok. But it's also be interesting to see the direction for the platform itself. Take his quickly becoming much more than a place to create and what short videos and is following in its chinese counterparts footsteps. Doyen pulled in over twenty six billion dollars in e commerce transactions during its first year of launching a native shopping tub. Would.

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