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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Susie Sally's has the morning off did you get a flu shot the number of flu cases in North Texas on the rise in fact Tarrant county recorded a record number of flu cases just last month years K. R. L. these Allen's Geyer med star treated three hundred twenty three patients for the flu in January that's a record in fifty two percent more than January last year honestly ninety four percent of those patients require transport area hospitals so further indication that this season's flu season is far from over many stores massive awski's as doctors and hospitals all spike early in the season and are now seeing a second increase never too late for a flu shot TTC Tarrant county public health everybody recommends that no matter when get a flu shot since coronavirus maybe winning attention but the same safety tips to prevent the flu what applied a corona virus like washing your hands in keeping countertops keyboards are areas that might be contaminated clean Alan sky and his radio ten eighty K. rolled the eight oh four now KRLD a suspect is behind bars this morning all of victim continues to recover following a shooting at the northeast mall in Hurst yesterday if they are at least Lewis shots were fired in the parking garage and could be heard across the street it was echoing so I know it came from the inside of the parking garage away that code is pulling deals in BC five he was outside in the backyard with his family when he heard the gunfire the victim was shot more than once and remains in the hospital paramedics checked out another person who was apparently hit by bullet fragments please did make an arrest but so far they're not saying why the shots were fired curlews newsradio ten eighty KRLD the case of the girl who's been on life support at cook children's in fort worth since she was born heads back to court today the case does tensely Lewis turned one in your old on Saturday she was born with a heart defect code children says she's suffering and has no chance to recover protect Texas fragile kids vice president general hollow told NBC five that tensely is leading our family know that she's a fighter by surviving so long after the hospital tried to remove her from life support I think she has a will to live and she's shown that by being here for three more months and and making small improvements cook children's wants to take her off life support the hospital says nurses have asked not to be assigned to the young girl because of the stress involved so far the family's been able to unable I should say to find any other facility to take care of her an appeals court will hold a hearing tomorrow morning in fort worth on whether cook children's can remove her from life support all this morning a ten year old girl is home recovering after a heart attack nearly took her life okay are least Bailey Friday reports it was our coach who helped save her ten year old nyla banks was at practice at W. T. white high school in Dallas last week when suddenly she passed out I felt bored my whole resume and my testers hurting Tyler tells our partners at NBC five she went into cardiac arrest but fortunately her track coach Earl Smith spring into action and saved her life using CPR training from ten years ago and I love mom Domini Carter bank says her daughter flat line died at the scene and was brought back to life coach.

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