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The worst rose you'll ever see another bill Porter back Hey baby was just snowballed maybe was just for them because the next will was on the body golly though more open the bears totally blew that covers or should I say they pull out that covers all like we're doing their terrible is that okay it was pretty awful you know it will take you five go with Matt Prater on the approach here comes the kick off to coral Patterson he will let this one down to the end zone yeah the ball will come out to the twenty five yard line shop Macy's Black Friday doorbusters before they're gone great savings on perfect gift for everyone on your list and more starts at five PM today until two AM in again tomorrow from six AM until one PM at Macy's so we'll see the bears for the second time they got that monkey off their back in terms of scoring in the first quarter would you see from Chicago about opening drive Ross well number one the offense of line did a really nice job they got kind of a mish mash unit up there the room where a Daniels with those guys up now swap positions left guard sending a new right tackle would be they got off to a really nice drive they're getting me through this in with a shot gun snappy to this young person to any political rights upper Robinson incomplete over through a dealer you slay was in cupboards up all over the road by just a couple of yards and that'll bring up second out of ten a lot of talk about this bears offense what Mitch Stravinsky why should they go up tempo a little bit more people sutras you've been more comfortable in those situations that make you says look we've done a lot of it we can't do it the entire ball game.

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