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Eight eighty report in the New. York Times says White House counsel Don Mcgann has cooperated extensively in the special counsel. Investigation into, Russian election. Meddling sharing details into whether President Trump obstructed Justice for Murray. UN, Secretary General Kofi Annan. Being remembered as a great diplomat and humanitarian. Died today of a short illness at the age. Of eighty Annalong island beach remain. Shut down after, a. Significant amount of medical waste washed up on the shore. In sports the Mets beat out the Phillies, three one Yanks took out Toronto final score are eleven to six, cloudy, and rainy seventy four. Degrees on this, Saturday August eighteenth good evening I'm Maria Garcia CBS news time nine thirty one the top White House legal adviser has reportedly supplied valuable, information, to the, Russia election meddling, probe we have the latest. Aren't top forty Don mcgann's the top lawyer, for the White, House legal point man for everything from. Judicial nominations to the Russia investigation New York. Times reports mcgann's role in that hasn't been complicated, not only helping. Plot the president's legal strategy but also as a witness for special counsel. Robert Muller and a cooperative one that what leads not molars investigators might not have had otherwise reacting from his New Jersey golf resort the president tweeted Saturday evening he. Allowed Mcgann and others to. Fully cooperate with the special counsel concluding as he frequently does no collusion no obstruction which on Tom Foty CBS, news Washington and speaking of the Russian investigation Senate intelligence committee chairman. Richard Burr says the Russia probe has actually been more difficult than he expected in. An exclusive, interview with. The Associated Press North Carolina Republican opened up, about the investigation that has now consumed nineteen months of his life he said it's been frustrating as hell that's a quote but he. Says the integrity of the. Investigation and the importance to the institution of the Senate is something he has labor to protect bursts says, there is no factual evidence so far on, collusion, or conspiracy between Russia and President Trump's campaign but he, says he's still open on the issue and hasn't personally come to any final conclusions since the investigation is not yet completed As jurors in Virginia way Paul manafort's fate at his Bank and tax fraud trial many are concerned that, even if he's, convicted, he, may skate with a presidential pardon but Loyola Law professor Jessica Levinson says although President Trump may be able to pardon, his former campaign manager the president's pardon power does not extend to state charges the president has. Very broad, pardoning power but only over. Several crimes and, Paul Manafort could also be facing state crimes the New York state attorney general is ready to go on state financial crime prosecutors in Washington DC, are actually planning to try Manafort in September on a whole new set of charges including money. Laundering witness tampering and making false statements deliberations at manafort's current Bank and tax fraud trial in Virginia are set to resume on Monday Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan being remembered as a. Wonderful diplomat he died today at the age of eighty CBS news foreign affairs. Analysts Pamela Falk knew him well for those of us in the UN press corps who knew on during, his tenure as, secretary, general, he was uniquely accessible and personable as well as outspoken without fear rocking any boats sometimes at his own personal risk Annan was UN secretary general from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand six until his death he promoted human rights equality, for women fought to end world poverty a Long Island beach remains closed after a significant amount of medical, waste washed up, on the shore WCBS reporter Kelly Waldron. Tells us what's happening officials here at east Atlantic beach and, Hempstead are. Freezing vigilant lifeguard for taking action after noticing fifty to. Sixty items of assorted medical waste that washed up along a quarter.

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