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Our next special guest has been around the game of football. His entire Life. Legendary coach was his dad and he's a legendary coach as well. This is Bob back now. Son of Jack Bicknell and Bobby been around the game game a long time yesterday. Was a crazy football game. I mean, uh, I think the officials in that in my mind the lead can't be proud of what took place in the officials kind of lost. Control. Lost lost little bit everything during the course. That football game. How crazy was it on the sideline? You know, I mean, it's crazy, but you really just don't think about trying Go on the next play. I mean, I really think that You know, something happened with Tyler. I didn't get to see anything and picked. The reality of it is she needs to be able to play the next play. And so he's got to make sure he controls that. And, um, you know, I think that It is what it is. You know, You just got to go on the next play and keep playing game and that's what we tried to do. Coach. T had a five catch day He took a leap in a hurdle attempt late in the game. And I guess tweaked the hammy on one hand. You probably love the effort. On the other hand, are you holding your breath when you're wide receiver Coast airborne like that? No, not really. Because I think that those guys are out there trying to make plays. And you know, I liked it. The effort. I mean, it was late in the game. You know if we could have ever leaked over the guy and gone and scored and then you get it. No inside or something, and you got a chance to win the game. So you know, I think he'll be fine and you know he's going to compete like that. And you know, it's kind of a lot of why we went down there and wanted to draft a kid like this. He compete plays hard practices hard does everything we ask him to do so. Um, you know, I'm kind of happy that it you know, he's trying to make a play talking about a guy that Practices. Hard plays hard works hard. It's Tyler Boyd. I mean he's been. He's been phenomenal all year long, and he has a 72 yard touchdown catch and could have built on that. And who knows what kind of day he could have had when you lose him as your primary slot guy? No. You were rolling. You know, more than one person in there. How? How big A loss was that? I mean to have Tyler Boyd eliminated from your passing attack. That's gonna be critical. It is. It's a big loss. I mean, you know, Ptolemy's understand if that's his responsibility when he's a big part of what we do, Um, I'm not coach speak, but I do have complete confidence in Alex Harris and when he goes in, so No, you just go on to the next guy. But Tyler is an important part of what we do. He's one of the best players in this league and you know it's a big loss when we when we lose a member, that's just the reality. So You know, hopefully moving forward. We learned from this. We realized how important it is that you know, you just never control what what they might do. So you've got to make sure that you're on top of, you know, doing things the right way, Coach. When we talk about Tyler, week to week, I always fall back on the word crafty or craftiness. He just seems to have a sense of Finding his way into a crevice or an opening on the field kind of kind of speak to the nuance of his game. And what makes him Tyler Boyd. You know it xylitol bit of just the way he moves and the way it's the timing of when he shows up first or when he comes speed off the ball or, you know, it's just it's just It's kind of what makes him special. So you allow him to do those kind of things and crafted a great work, You know, just has a great feel for the game. Feel for for underneath coverage is so we can sit in there if it is it man to man coverage. On Ben, You know he's got good size, and he's got good speed. I mean, I killed him sometimes about it, Steve, But, you know, he takes it in to run down The sideline and National Football League game is not easy to do. So I think when he combines all that, I think is knowledge now his work ethic. It's all just come in tow who he is and who was supposed to be as a player, and, you know, I'm proud of him for that. I think he's done a great job. You know, I love watching him play. It's just We gotta keep men now, So that's the key to the whole thing. You know a lot of people lot of fans after the game, the reaction was, you know, where was a J. Tyler goes down in a J. You know, the old A J would step up and this version of AJ didn't step up. And how close is AJ getting coach to being the old A. J. He's very close. You know, There's just a lot of things that go on, you know, just opportunities that game and, you know, situations and all those things and, you know, be honest with you. We threw this plant to him and legitimately is double. This double can be because he's still agent green. They still gets double covered. And that's why Tyler Boyd is able to do what he's doing. I mean, God, Tyler what happened at the end of last year? How hard it was. When he was the guy getting double bond really kind of slowed him down, and so I think you you take each week week to week. I know it is going to be here on Wednesday, right to practice ready, Do all the things that he's gotta do. I know he prepares himself, and hopefully some of those things happen. You know, Tyler Boyd 72 Yard Touchdown was not supposed to be that. You know the answer to a zero pressure that hopefully get the ball out. He gets 8 10 yards and everything's great. He turns the corner and goats. So then, all of a sudden, you have a couple more catches. The guy has 150 yards. Well, that's just more, You know, a little bit of luck or a little bit of, you know, just opportunity that sell the right way. So I think this week, you know, hopefully, opportunities will come and I know it, they'll be right. He's the Best pro best person ever been around. I know it's not easy for him, you know, and coming back after anything that he's come back from will never be easy, but I really believe he's progressing. I think he's getting to the point where You know, you could really help yourself Coach back to Ah, tea for a second rookies Gotta it's all about learning and adjusting edge ago in dealing with new things and things for the first time. Kind of speak to if you could. The progress you've seen in tea from maybe day one of camp to where he is right now is an NFL wide receiver. Well, you know, he's just got a real feel for. I think his ability and what he does well, and I think that that's important as any receivers to make sure you're playing to your strengths, and I think him coming off the ball the way he does. He runs better than people think again. You know, and he runs well, but I think he's been able T kind of get into that spot of understanding the way he runs, routes and just a little bursts off the ball. A little bit of change of speeds..

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