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So I worked hard as I can. And you know, the rest didn't see the ref or the judge is never seen it my way, but still got out of the ring went to meet him. And he said, hey, you pretty good. I'll see you down the line. So that was have, oh, it's happy, you know, did lose. But the same guy a loss to be two weeks later and beat him. So it was like would've wanted to win to impress. Mom. Madala leeann show him how good I am. But I didn't get a chance, but you had a conversation with him how the conversation with him at that time. He was just creeping into the park into sherman's situation, and you know, other times after that, I I met him winters birthdays and events that he's had. So what do you think of the current state of the heavyweight division, Lennox Lewis, current state of the heavyweights, you know, it's funny because I did things my way when I was heavyweight champion, and or even trying to be champion. And my main thing was you know, I wanted to be the undisputed champion. Obviously these heavyweights nowadays have goals of being on the student in the only one, but they're not in a rush for it. You know, you know, the main guy Anthony Joshua is interesting. He says, oh, you know, I'll boxed Dante next year the year after I'm like, dude, if that was me I need to box you now I need to be the champion now. But this is their era. They can do things they the way they want to do it. I know what I would do in my era, which is fight the guy the first second you possibly. Yeah. Yeah. Who knows if you get that chance again, this is what this is happened to him. Now. Now, he's been put on the shelf. He asked the bucks the guy that nobody really wants to see him box. You know, big baby Miller, he's doing a great job hyping up the fight. But in England, nobody really knows him. Then when you look back on his fights. He's only been twelve runs one time. So as far as making his way through the fight. I don't know if he's gonna make all the way through the fight doesn't make for a good fight. Then. When you got Tyson fury. He's just signing with ESPN. You got the auntie which is doing something else. So they're all kind of split apart doing their own things. So when you look at the undisputed champion in a who's gonna be nobody can really tell right now. Because each one of them are going to have any one of them. We're gonna take a chance it every time they fight. You think fury should've been Canada? I think the ref made an awesome decision to do that. Because of seen in some actually of being in fights where you know. I'm the heavyweight champion of the world man's knock me down the second round of gotten up and the referee going call in the fight. I'm going it's the second round come on. It's not like he was beating melt for twelve round. But this happens in boxing. So when the referee decided to do that, I was like that was a brave move. But it worked out in the end. I I met wilder recently. He is I mean absolutely mammoth just a big, dude. I would not wanna be on the business end of that who is the best fighter in the heavyweight division right now in your estimate Lennox Lewis. I think that it's between three guys. Okay. They're all over six five. And the the guys that I just mentioned, you know, I'm really big on Tyson fury because you know, this man, thus gone through mental situations where you know, he's been through wait situations where you know, gained a whole bunch of pounds and still after a layoff his comeback and basically matched up to the number one and second guy out there. So any took that chance he answered the call for England. He said I'm coming over to. America. And I'm boxing, the tail I'm like, this is a fighter. This is. A man this is this is the kind of mind that you wanna have been the champion bread taken on all challenges units. Amazing. You mentioned the size of those three guys..

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