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Questions or feedback or interested in the PODCAST network, Roy's interested in new voices. Alright. Thanks so much talk to you soon I, welcome welcome another episode of Champagne Sharks this is Kenny. Here Mario was one all be smart. You can catch me on twitter at MD seventy nine. I. No, I've been. Out of commission lately with you know things calm down here. You'll see here more of me soon as I get my bearings right there those a lot going on. With pin damage and corona and all that stuff. So man, I've been getting a lot of hours at work and things that you know just man by the time I get home. Drain. So I can dig that man especially in the summertime you know as hot as hell man. And I'm on you guys can find me on twitter at Lazarus lives X. Three. Most of UCS streaming on youtube a lot of we we probably stream more than we do record the podcast but we all over the place lately because of the pandemic eating, there's a lot going on but you guys can subscribe. You can subscribe to. Youtube page you go to champagne sharks youtube page. You can subscribe. Scripted a patriot. You can find some patriot. Champagne sharks become a patron for five dollars less than a blunt. So. You can become a patron in can find t t t is on T. Ricky Ross on twitter and also the champagne sharks twitter page. You can follow us on pace starts a podcast on twitter. So yeah, and what is tell you really mean we really appreciate pensions. We appreciate all of you that that go we appreciate all of our listeners support. We you know. When never special start outside all of our patients man because you know I know it's a difficult times for a lot of people who financially you know now they got this thing where they're talking about there's a coin shortage. So they don't WanNa you saw today and my local store man I was begging rated by coffee and seven eleven and. Exact change only or yeah. I'm. What they say what the problem was with the coins I forgot what it was, but the coins are out there they just can't find him or some shit. That's such a twenty twenty. Pandemic Racial. Alan dimes are gonNA remember they were going to get rid of pennies years ago they to get rid of the penny but they didn't, and then they started making those new quarters, those new dimes and new Nichols and stuff. So I duNno, it's crazy by. Coin shortage out. You walk down the street at any American city you can come up with a dollar. Yeah Nielsen. But anyway if I but we. We appreciate you guys hanging in there even though you know some of us, the financial French may be coming on US and. We just preach guys breaking that five dollars a month. Especially the people that the newspapers the day one subscribers in especially the the youtube people on Youtube man like since we we've been streaming on Youtube, we've got a lot of interactions through periscope twitch due to we're going to be able to see us on facebook live soon, get together, and also you'll be seen in a lot of Vita Star. She's new platform. So I was one appreciate everybody for welcome in her and making her feel comfortable. You know what I mean this big Mike passed away recipes just keep pushing for all the people that's been riding with from the since day one when he was on a different up what was the name of the platform? Remember went to Hill that. They were so raggedy. Whatever that other platform was? An android phone and we'll sound like darth. Vader. Must respect everybody. That's been supporters man. We appreciate you guys in. We can do like when this is all over we meet up and do a live show. That's the goal. In California because I go New York. On out there. Yeah. But you mean Mario was talking off the air in something. You know we wanted to address this whole idea of quote unquote the feds what's going on with you live I'm here in. PORTLAND. So. I get offended sometimes people who have these assumptions about what's going on in Portland when it comes to these federal police officers that are here, and there's a lot of things going on when it comes to the federal government right now and how the infiltrating groups gangs, all kinds of going on right now. You must be you want to speak on Mario well first of all, let's let's let's keep Kinney and prayer because you know at any given moment Kenny can be of deductive and west of the unmarked car. If we don't want that to happen, you know what I'm saying I can is very active. He gets outside and business thing on my bike Leila's by with with with taking safety precaution with his mask and all that those who don't want Kenny they swooped in on mark. Vehicle. TAKE IT TO AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION In the woods somewhere, right? Exactly. No was reporting now some of the stuff. Going with better with the fans particularly in your in your area, your neck of the woods Portland in in the in the northwest period. Extends all. Stems from Donald Trump, telling William bar to get more active in you know unleash the fans on the people right and so you saw what happened they came with a heavy hand up there in Portland and Seattle, and now we're getting reports of going into other parts of the country to hear some stuff happening in. Chicago we I stuff stuff maybe happening in New York and so it seems that they have a strategy that they're trying to follow and. So far. I gotta give it to Portland. I've talked about this the other day off the Air I'll say man, I tell you what you can say whatever you want about four the man. But you know soon as those fair star cracking down, they didn't bow and they came back out stronger in. It got so bad was like challenge accepted. The protest went to the mayor's house I'll wear it I didn't even hear about that protest and went to the mayor's house the Mayor March with the people and he tear gas. I did hear something about that. Yeah. I. Did hear something about that. Yeah. In the governor the Governor Kate. Brown. Now, she's stepping up saying that the organ police will not even the Portland police. The state police are GONNA be protecting the protesters. So That's why twenty the you know with a chance to see cop on cop violence. Oh. Okay. So that's what bad was. Okay. Till the state, the Oregon State police are protecting protesters near the courthouse downtown and near the federal building. Downtown. And those federal, those federal police officers are outnumbered. So let me ask a little. Let me ask you some of the layout of downtown Portland because this is what this is one of the things as fusing from what I understand. They only have so much authority to work down there as far as talking about the federal agents. Yeah. They're they're Michigan is supposed to protect the federal buildings. Staff. Is that where the majority of the protests happening or or the federal building? This is how small downtown. Seattle Houston downtown Seattle downtown Seattle Looks Damn near identical to downtown. Portland is just downtown Seattle is five times bigger. So downtown Portland you have pyner square you have the federal building and literally two blocks over you have the Oregon courthouse. So the protesters are down there and both places there in the end the Police Department of Justice Center across the street from the courthouse so you have protesters at the police station you have protesters. At the Justice Center and have protests at the federal building. Now, this is what people understand. The federal police have already been here because they protect the federal building. So this is not anything new about federal police being here and they've always been here. You know what I mean is just that they brought in extra ones from different places to I guess enforce they're going they're going places that aren't the federal building you know what I'm. Saying their front of the police station and the different places, and what happened is they started hurting people they started.

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