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Well calm and happy friday it is travelogue the podcast conde nast traveler and we are here in the podcast studios i've got mark ellwood sebastian motech and aaron florio here say hello everybody delayed hi you caught me fries we are hearing some weird echoey effects so if we sound like we're echoey space alien weird people that's because we're imitating the way we sound ourselves my name is brad rickman and we are here today to talk about things that you should never ever do in hotel cautionary tales warnings horror stories and begs and pleads for you to be good hotel citizens so i'm not exactly sure where to start here hotels are big but let me ask you guys about a phenomenon that i have noticed recently in the we've certainly covered quite a bit which is the hotel lobby we hear a lot about these these days ace is the hotel that most frequently gets cited as pioneers in the space of what i mean is hotels at least making gestures to turn lobbies into spaces people will actually use the duman as a greeter rav on the police so you get there and they say please come in verses you look like you're just hitting us well yes that's a great point but i was thinking of it more for me design and layout perspective i was recently in new orleans staying at the renaissance right which is a big hotel too big sort of marriott hotel but it is informed by what i would consider to be sort of updated boutique design patterns you know tropes and there's a lobby and i had checked out and i had plenty of work to do before it caught my flight you know is going to be several hours so there's a couch and a fireplace and bookshelves and whatever and so i thought this is great i got wi fi is quite comfy the chairs are nice i'm gonna sit here and work i was the only human who did that and it felt quite awkward after about forty five minutes so i'm wondering and that's yes that's partly because i am paranoid mark look like that what will you paranoid about you were sitting with your laptop watching porn on your laptop no no i was not but i was the only person making use of the space in that way whereas the bar for example had plenty of people moving in and out of it so i'm curious first of all do you actually use lobbies in that way have you kind of have you gone into the as or one of the other hotels here in town the ludlow or or one of these places and actually just hung out done some work or whatever yeah yeah i mean i think that the reason you're the only person doing it there might have just been because it was a renaissance hotel and new orleans and there are some hotels that are just marketed better for their spaces the best one i reckon in new york right now is probably public like the way in trager actually designed that hotel it's all in the name so that you do go in and you sit and you open your laptop or you bring your newspaper it's designed for you to sit and hang out you don't even need to order a drink and you don't even need to be a guest it's technically open for the public to just go and do that like right i mean they don't have a traditional lobby but is kind of more or less like in the immediate public space that you find the elevators and do you feel like people do that people who are not guests at the hotel i was there on the weekend my apartment is a few blocks away and i was there on the weekend yeah definitely you definitely see people use it that way i haven't you know asked questions to see how many people are using it that are new yorkers and how many people are guests that are just hanging out down there because that'd be creepy it would be very you remember the clip guests at that hotel a lot of that probably goes on little salacious there okay even different definition of we're gonna talk about noisy sex and heart cells and my own personal experience of how bad noisy sex can make your night's sleep so that'll keep our listeners till the.

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