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The morning on my talking to seven one everything entertainment I'm chase with don Stephanie Kenny and all of you for listening thank you for being here several I don't need to tell you waking up this morning several huge stories of the Grammys and unfortunately sadly the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his beloved daughter Gigi and seven others the numbers kept moving throughout the day but just horrible just absolute horrible in a helicopter crash I just outside of Los Angeles yesterday morning joining us with some perspective on Colby's legacy is of the ring leader of score north and one of the whole the host of Mackey and Judd four to six PM our good friend Phil Mackey good morning fell AJ's how how are you staff are you done one show I wish it was on a better occasion that we had you here Phil I want you to talk about especially for the non sports fan maybe someone who doesn't follow basketball the NBA or the sports world as closely as you why is it what is it about Colby that puts him in the upper echelon of of celebrity joining the ranks of other folks that can go by one name lebron Jordan tiger in what was it about Colby I I think it's a combination of I I think he's just one of the more uniquely talented humans of the last fifty years but he's a he's he's he's uniquely tell these he's also flawed I think people can relate to some of the missteps he's had in his life I mean if you want to get on the list of things that he is athletically he is in the ninety nine point nine nine nine th percentile competitively he won five championships you want scored eighty one points in a single NBA basketball game he once walked to the free throw line with a torn Achilles tendon and knocked down both free throws creatively he won an Oscar two years ago for for a short piece he wrote any and he has spent the last few years as an ambassador for women's basketball and I think he viewed his daughter not necessarily because it because it was his vision I think it was because it was Gigi's vision I think they both viewed her as someone who is gonna take women's basketball to an even different level one she became sixteen seventeen eighteen years old and so he's he speaks three languages fluently he's just all of the he he really is an athletic renaissance man the last fifteen or twenty years if you grew up I was born in nineteen eighty five and I've been spending a lot of time thinking about yeah I've never met Kobe Bryant but why is it that I've spent the last eighteen hours just unable to function basically a lot of people listening probably can relate to when prince passed away a few years ago I definitely feel that way and I don't think it's been it has nothing to do with whether you knew them personally I think it's how much time they spent in your consciousness how much time were they part of your mind in your life and that being ripped away I think that's why a lot of people are feeling it today and appreciating the gifts and the artistry that they had but also the authenticity of the man right and you know you it's one thing to have a gaffe whether it's sports or arts but to take that gift and to use it to better your world your environment to make mistakes admit those mistakes and move forward in a way that is just an admirable just admirable talented people there's a lot of crappy talented people radio soul when you can get someone that learns from their mistakes they do good in the world and they realize the gifts that they have it is sad at that they're gone so ya there's something about artists there something about musicians be of musical artists and athletes that represent time stamps in our lives too and I think it's easy to get really reflective when prince or Kobe when someone who tell the S. yes right go down the list absolutely and do anything to fill and I'm glad you brought up the date and what he's meant to you because they it also don't you think it also adds to his status the fact that you had Jordan and I I'm older we're all of us on the show were slightly older than you and and I grew up more in the era of Jordan and not living in Chicago you know the bulls were everywhere Pippin and and rod men and and Jordan and when Jordan retired I I think it's fair to say and with my shallow base of knowledge in sports many people thought okay well there's Haley's comet and we're never gonna see the likes of that again and then you have Colby who fill correct me if I'm wrong it came as close in the ninety of lebron but I'm talking right after Jordan Colby came as close as your you can possibly get to being Jordan two point no it my wrong on that now you're you're a hundred percent right inside there's a video floating around on Twitter this morning I don't I don't know who tweeted this out but Kobe spent a lot of time when he was sixteen through twenty years old when he was when he was first coming into the NBA essentially trying to mimic Michael Jordan's game and there's a video it's like a two minute video of Michael Jordan highlights every other highlight with Kobe Bryant highlights the same fade away jump shots the same celebratory fist pump jumping in the air and it's so there were there was a period where I think he was just trying to be Michael Jordan and then eventually he found a way to bring his own personality into his creativity and I think I think you know he he if you were if you were born you know now if if you're twenty eight to thirty eight years old I think Kobe Bryant probably is your Michael Jordan and a lot of ways yes it was such a coincidence to that he played in the staples arena Sammy's was last night that all lot of LA is like a small town right they all know each other they all hang out the same places so it was really fascinating to see the impact of him as a sports person on the entertainment scene in that arena like I think people were really moved and shocked and saddened and it was interesting to see all that play out in real time last night at the Grammys I was I watch the entire sixty minute red carpet lead up to the to the seven o'clock start time yeah it it actually was was pretty uncomfortable because I I some celebrities and some of the host wanted to loop in the Kobe right theme and then I almost felt like the rest of it was a little bit forced and I remember one of the hosts he made mention Hey our red carpet ceremonies got thrown off because like Liz was supposed to come up and talk and she wouldn't want to its lasses respect that let's let let's just let Colby be a theme here and I'm I'm glad that for the for our actual award show that they did they did make Kobe a huge part of it is your right he is culturally culturally Los Angeles Kobe Bryant is a huge fixture in both of those bands Phil Mackey from score north joins us the end and it all I think it also speaks to his level of stardom the fact that and he and his role as a leader that you see you saw yesterday of folks might I told the story earlier I it was a a guide that had interviewed him many times and ESPN that had given this anecdote that said there was a young NFL player that was really struggling and Colby went out of his way to get that guy's number and call them and say Hey what do you need showing that Colby was a leader not just in the NBA but first sports in for professional sports in general did you see that is the case as well fell yes I think I think we're calling it mamba mentality so Kobe Bryant's nickname was the black mamba and he Jesse and just I guess just to sum it up briefly here he would go into dark places in his mind on the court that allowed him to score sixty points and and not be fatigued playing forty five minutes of the game and so he has built this it's turned into a brand now but he even built in Los Angeles and this is where they were flying to yesterday this massive youth basketball training facility called a by I like the mamba performance or something and you'll see if you just do a search through social media today just search mamba are a P. mama mama mentality a lot of people sort of channeling his twenty year mantra forks wheezing as much toothpaste out of the to whatever whatever talent level you have his motto is always out work your level of talent so that you reach your Max potential and that's that's the mob mentality yeah she was known not only for being a leader but he was known like Jordan for a full Roche's work ethic was he felt the media was just he worked he would the whole get there early state you know you you're the last one you're the last one to leave that was another thing that he mimicked Jordan he would he would know Tory Asli your practice might start at eight or nine o'clock in the morning for the Lakers and he would know Tory asleep be in the gym at two o'clock in the morning on a regular basis getting up his two thousand jump shots or whatever may be and that mentality because if you remember back twenty years ago Shaquille o'neal and Kobe Bryant were the two players the brought the Lakers back to prominence and Shaquille o'neal much more of a gregarious sort Hey we're just gonna have fun here on floppy ear and is going to be three hundred pounds and ball my way to the way I am and Kobe Bryant was I know I'm gonna be in the gym at two o'clock in the morning yeah they won three championships together but inch and by the way they've they've made up and in some of the posts that shack has put out in the last twenty four hours to or just make you you know make your eyes water blast on a so it's I I I I I just been it's been hard for I think for my generation of sports fans because like I said off the top of the segment here it's just something that has been it's been living in our heads in our consciousness that Kobe Bryant represents the last twenty years of being a basketball fan and now it's got it feels like prince or even Kirby Puckett for twenty plus years yeah yeah and we should know to in in Phil alluded to it in in a in a turn of phrase is someone emailed us did Kobe will obviously had a complicated legacy off off the court I want everyone to know we're not sidestepping it were not making him out to be a perfect guy but it is my feeling I think dawn Ackles my feeling here I find it cold in an appropriate to to focus on that chapter of his life less than twenty four hours after he has passed and his young daughter has passed on they'll be time to dissect that and and and go deeper into the complicated legacy of this man but I just want everyone to know we are aware of it it's we're not sidestepping it nor are we making it seem like this gentleman was perfect and without fault there's actually a wonderful very honest right up in the daily beast that perfectly illustrates the imperfection of this athletic genius and you can read it for yourself Donna my I don't want to speak for you but I I think you echo my feelings on that one yeah I just kinda email back and said yes an article if you want to know because the others and questions to us and it's like yeah those things happen but now is not the time to time place yeah really like it is he is each human has a place in the world and they make their marks and they make their mistakes and once someone is passed you don't want anyone to talk about your worst moment all and it doesn't serve anybody we don't learn from that well we aren't friendly compassion grace humility I mean if anything maybe he taught us some of those things I would I would just add one thing because I I I I I'm sort of coming from the point of you to that Hey it however you want to grieving react to this I'm not going to judge anybody I do think it's very likely that Kobe Bryant over the last sixteen years since the the sexual assault case that you're alluding to he it's very likely that he has evolved a lot as a human as well doesn't necessarily excuse what may or may not have happened behind closed doors but I think there's a I think there's another conversation for another day to to talk about redemption and what somebody has learned from their worst moment and and what they brought forward for the last fifteen to twenty years I'm not having like the person I was at twenty one absolutely nothing like I mean the same carcass but that's about the yeah judge you touched on something that I've been wondering about for a long time and you nailed it perfectly existing in your conscience and I I've had this feeling with a lot of celebrities passing over the last few years and you really feel it it it hits you in the feels in your goal why in the hell am I so upset by this and it's be it you're right they exist in our conscious every day or ever get a weekly and and that's that's how it plays out we can probably all sit here in court Kobe is on the list for me Dale Earnhardt I was a huge NASCAR Dale Earnhardt fan I stayed home from school the next day after Dale Earnhardt died right and you think like why why do I feel so much more not to not to you know rank sadness in our lives but why do I feel so much more sad.

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