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And August if you have hardy plants that look good and you can try to get him through the fall like hot peppers sweet peppers eggplant things like that small fruited tomatoes that will be fine but we start all over again fresh basically in mid August so you don't really need shade you know shade is for you for us for our convenience the big one one I have trampolines not backyards and you got these big patches of green green grass grows underneath all of these areas every time I've had a I've had a garden for fifteen years now Dantonio and everything get bait I mean we have heat that is relentless correct everything is current and and go to Lowes or home depot and they have all this stuff in the garden center you saying that you say that you can't ever say it it makes well I why does everybody always such selling is done everything under saying that because it's it's useful and it takes up a lot of the heat so all this stuff doesn't get bait and so if you have any experience with that well if you want to place a cloth if you want to put say cough look for green or black and usually it's on the it's sixty seven or seventy three percent at the most sixty seven to seventy three percent shake off a set up a good structure over it and then enjoy your icy underneath it as well during the summertime.

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