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Like have you seen this movie and said some you know main thing and then was like you have no use to me i almost never use i don't have an alexa thing and i never use siri yeah i just do my own damn searching because i'm a strong independent woman just like samantha at the end and the end yeah i do want to talk about her let's is a character right so she's given a distinct desire in the movie she wants to grow and improve and basically absorb all the information she can she wants to keep evolving and then there's also moments where throughout the course of their relationship she challenges his behavior she questions the situation if it doesn't seem to be making sense to hurt so she's not just like the kind of fucked bots that we see in some of these movies she's more of beyond that she's learning the world through his is at first but then grows that yeah i remember the first two seasons like she has manic pixie dream girl set up and then like that doesn't do that because her story is completely unrelated hit she has so much growth and it's weird thing to have a movie that bike uses a singularity as a as a character just like i'm feeling like i'm speeding up like that's so funny it's did not say the word yeah so in that way yet she has growth that is clear and it's almost like have handedly clear where he like has much more of a nuance thing that you know the coming much more than they programmed i'm excited do you know that she was not supposed to be forced to not only that she wasn't voice grilled hansen shoes voiced by somebody else yeah yeah they had some anthem morton onset they filmed it was meant the mortgage and then i believe spike jones says it comes off to maternal interesting so that's a handsome came in to be scarlett johansson i guess yeah basically that makes me think of the born sexy yesterday trope yet where he we've talked about it before in the podcast pop culture detective he has a really good video about it on youtube so check out that but it's basically pointing out a trope where in a lot of scifi especially there will be a woman from another planet or a robot or some female form that has never existed in the world before until now and then there's a man to teach her out to be sexual basically how to be so it's like an adult baby woman who has the mind of an infant is capable of learning but also has a fully mature female bodies if she's very fuck so this is like a weird variant on that trope where obviously she doesn't have a body and she does start smarter than him she he but as it pertains to like feeling things and experiencing emotion and experiencing getting to know someone outside of their data and experiencing sex and sexuality yeah yeah he like starts at the wheel on that but she goes past him by the end right it's weird i like where this movie like we're her arc ends were she says like i love you care about you but singularity is actually right now i gotta go gotta go with my botts i'll i'll put in a good word for you when we are killing the humans but i like her i i it's confusing and their relationship is confusing and it again it's like they're interesting elements to her and theodore's relationship but most of it is so boring they're talks are so boring because it's usually both theodore and he's boring and he's i think the feelings i'm able to feel and you're just like okay then let's see something else and then he's like no i have to walk downtown again which is the best parts of the move but something i like about their relationship that is revealed i think as close as we get to saving the movie be outright critical of him although it never quite gets there is at the beginning there's a scene between them where she's saying like i'm learning more quickly and i'm i'm excited and i wanna learn everything i can and he is like how i totally support that i wanna help how can i help and then at the end she has done that and she's like i've grown basically i've grown past you but i still care about you and he is so easy like fuck you why you have to.

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