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And then it also has audio out so i put it into my maybe app put a record on i forgot how good records do you got a warmth that you just don't get with digital music yeah it's not as the heiser not as crisp i guess is what it is they don't they don't feel harsh but it sounds i don't know if you grew up in the time of records like we did there's just different timber to the sound there is a different so it's now it's sitting on my excuse me on my shelf non my in my stereo room which i just bought a pardon me the hiccups which i just bought a new atm my old abm didn't have htm heightened good oh yeah from nine hundred ninety nine dead there was a thx i did not want to part with it so but i bought a new dan i found this place online i saw the anti wanted it was it was not cheap right because i have a surround sound movie like small movie room with a projector so i wanted a good surround sound that had a lot of inputs it was like twenty one hundred boxes i'm not paying to everybody and then i was searching for it to see if there was any us and walmart pops up now i don't really think of walmart is the place to go by high end electric well probably walmart or online would because they have a lot of partners like amazon there that's what their whole online presences now it's not walmart stuff it's a whole bunch of partner resellers why didn't know that walmart and i see this thing for fifteen fifteen twelve or something some weird guy you're sort okay that don't pay for i've been i been putting money side to save for this things.

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