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The number three finish and our countdown would certainly have been first rick mears started on the pole with a new one in four lap track record and was seen by many rail birds as the man to beat on may thirtieth nineteen eighty two but veterans gordon johncock and tom's neva were able to hang with the penske racing driver to lead in the second half of the race with forty laps to go johncock led but both he and mirrors had to make one more critical pitstop and the tactical decisions made by the two teams at a hand in the outcome of the race so mears came and i and they gave i think it was a sixteen seconds stop because they gave him a full load of fuel and which ended up being not necessary but you didn't think about those things and then another thing that when he came in herm johnson who ended up finishing ninth was also either coming in or coming out and so mears came in behind him and the there was a speed differential and in fact mir's actually got on the brakes and an hat but but it wasn't a crash either but i mean it was a thump and and so he lost time obviously doing that but he didn't think about that at the time so that he makes the stop and i believe it was sixteen seconds all figo's and then three laps later on one eighty six then johncock comes in who now harris a much larger lead and but you still think okay well you know pets keep pitstop were probably when john hawkes time with his stop that not only will they be together but mears might even be a head but but.

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