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In the DC region is constantly changing. If you spot a major incident that we're not already reporting, call the WTOP Traffic Center at 866 -304 -WTOP. That's 866 504 -WTOP. This is WTOP News. It's 4 -15. I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant. Thanks for being with us. Thousands turned out in Washington this past Saturday, August 26th, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. But the 1963 for March Jobs and Freedom that featured Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech actually took place today, August 28th. Reverend Nelson B. Rivers was 12 years old in 1963 and he told WTOP at this year's March that he was forever changed by the events of that year. I got committed and that every generation has to fight this fight. Reverend Rivers, the Vice President of Religious Affairs for the National Action Network, one of two groups that organized the March, says we keep must going. You can't put a clock or calendar on hatred because it's always going to be here. The only question is how strong are the opponents? Stephanie Gaines Bryant, WTOP news. That was Dr. Martin Luther King's only grandchild, 15 -year -old Renee King. TNTN the giant panda turned 26 yesterday. Hundreds gathered at the National Zoo to celebrate the male panda as the birthday boy devoured a frozen fruitcake. Lynn Betty traveled from Toronto, Canada to sing TNTN happy birthday. Lynn says pandas never fail to strike a smile. Watching panda makes me very relaxed every day. Yeah. Local DC resident Helen Gonzalez this says celebration is both happy and sad because this is TNTN's last birthday in the US. All pandas at the National the National Zoo Zoo are headed back to China this winter. Part of me understands that another part of me is, you know, are heartbroken and will cry a lot along the Asia Trail at the National Zoo. Luke Garrett, WTOP news. if you've been thinking about adding a pet to your family, first ask yourself, are you really ready to care for a pet? WTOP's Neil Augenstein has more. It's a commitment. Melissa Herd with Loudoun pet? County Animal Services says the number of cases where owners surrendered their pet is up 42 2 % this year. Lots of different reasons those numbers are up. The cost of vet care, it's and 170 about animals are now here in the shelter looking for homes after being brought in after animal welfare investigations. In Leesburg, Neil Augenstein news. WTOP A quick look at the top stories we're working on at WTOP. Former President Trump is back in DC today for a hearing and in people Jacksonville gathered for a vigil to remember the three victims for the first time in a debated shooting. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead.

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