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Top story the U. S house narrowly alike. Did Nancy Pelosi for her fourth term as speaker of the House 117th Congress was Sporn was sworn in today. Numbers indicate that the Democrats may have the narrowest of house majority in either party for 20 years that Houston Health Department says today's vaccination appointments filled up fast. Hundreds of appointment slots were reserved by 7 20. This morning, the department tweeted will provide an update on future vaccination opportunities soon. Ah U S Army drill Sergeant based in San Antonio, was killed on New Year's Day. Fox is Alex Hogan reports on January 1st after 2 A.m. police responded to a stranded vehicle on interstate 10, causing a hazard Investigators discovering bullet holes on the driver's door and the window in the 30 Year old's body inside San Antonio police and the Army's Criminal Investigation division. Are investigating doctors at University Hospital in San Antonio, Pronouncing the 30 year old dead on New Year's Day. The drill sergeant was a dental specialist to the U. S. Army Medical Center of Excellence on Joint Base, San Antonio Fort Sam Houston. She'd been in the role since 2019. Before this assignment. She served at a dental clinic since 2000 and 17. Major general Dennis LeMaster, the commanding general at the Medical Center of Excellence, who where Uh, Sergeant was released a statement today saying they were devastated by her death in college Sports University of Texas Austin, introducing new head football coach Steve Starkey Zeon in a zoom call last night. Clearly there's work to be done or change wouldn't be made, and and so that zoo responsibility of mind that we have to get that done. But first he is the national championship game with Alabama, his school against Ohio State January 11th and will be officially Introduced by the Longhorns on January 13th Ktrh News time is 803 What some speculate may have been JJ. What's the last game with the Texans? The Titans beat our team 41 38. Today. This one gives the Titans that a F C south title and it may be a new year, but the pandemic is keeping many people from the movie theaters. Boxes, and Carrick has the weekend box office numbers. The first weekend of the year typically is very busy at the box office but not so much during a pandemic. Wonder woman 1984 stays in the top.

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