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Have you heard of tech talk this is the social media app that lets users create superstar videos and loop them and if it seems like to talk show up on our phones fifteen seconds ago you might be shocked to learn that the app is now an entire year old and now as if on cue its popularity is in decline Taylor Lawrence covers technology for the Atlantic and she's with me now to talk about it he Taylor so before we talk about what is hot to be less so explain how to talk works it is a short one year after the last unicorn videos on it he came back in a minute down at that could be music or a voice over anything I have a lot of fun so we can make short videos on other platforms what makes this one special and what's been the impact that sure it's been really catchy yeah I mean yeah you can make short videos another popular you can't really share the right people and you can't make them as entertaining to watch check as they think that the lady had kind of any down Hey Tiffany and it it's fine I don't know it's fine to make their fun to watch a lot of people make them together and it's it's attracted corporate America rates I mean major brand started using tick tock has that changed her actually get a map the campaign I'm with you too great Davido crack you've been great thank god a lot of other brands around that you are really change it tell a mall and the merging in advertising but it really packed the part you need people spending their dollars are getting more impact that even on it I mean when you're in regular life is like seven years in internal life or something like that what is that in the course of the year tech talk got so popular and and the popularity is already now fading I don't think I would I would push back on that I haven't you know it really declined in if anything it could continue to be growing it it started off your excel it had already been launched internationally and was I'm kind of huge about the guy yeah all over the world at that but you have to watch your back the net like with under the radar people thought it would hurt at but in the past month but it didn't you know I I feel like it's kind of just continues to grow you'll see that even after that in terms of like the video that go viral they get more and more and more units how much of that has to do with the company that started this the tech start up bite dance which is the most valuable tech start up in the world I mean is that gonna give tech talk more staying power do you think in the long term yeah I mean I can pick up your only right thing I have but yeah five okay no well the hunt the idea to that so you know the only be set at billion dollars in marketing alone last year and you know getting people out of the operating it can there can you third arm and they could continue to spend a billion dollars a year the five the company is that dealer Lawrence a staff writer for the Atlantic complicity summer tictoc videos I imagine somewhere on the internet Taylor thanks appreciate it thank.

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