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We'll build a few more over much of the bay area, and we might even get a little bit of rain mainly in the north bay other than that we shouldn't experience much rain at all in the north bay going into tomorrow afternoon. Just a weak little weather system that's going to be passing overhead, and because of that the temperatures will cool down a few degrees tomorrow. So daytime highs tomorrow will come in the mid to upper seventies from most locations across the bay and mid eighties inland, and then once we're done with tomorrow. Things are going to start warming up. In fact, it's going to be the warming trend that really starts to make the headline in the forecast from now all the way through Tuesday and Wednesday of next week by the time we get to the weekend temperatures inland or in the upper eighties. And then we should start hitting some low nineties for KCBS. I'm meteorologist Aaron peck with your KPI export cast, traffic and weather together on the it's on all news, one of six nine AM, seven forty KCBS a DJ DIGI dot com searching for a new or used car be happy, and visit DIGI DIGI dot com. KCBS news time seven fifty endeavoring Ingersoll at the key CBS editor's desk, as your Newswatch continues, the pediatric endocrinologist, says teen addiction to video games is affecting their brain development KCBS, Mike Cogan says the World Health Organization recently recognized gaming disorder as a mental health condition. Professor, pediatrics Robert lusty said playing video games, gives one a dopamine high, but it also kills brain cell neurons once those neurons have died, they're not coming back. And that's one of the reasons why addiction is so hard to treat. Because now you're ability to generate a dope responses now inhibited, it's been attenuated because you've lost those neurons, eighteen-year-old park land shooting survivor Cameron Caskey was attending Silicon Valley conference said teams like playing video games because it makes them feel like a winter when I defeat somebody in a video game I feel victory over them the way, I would, if I defeated them in sports, if I defeated them in intellectual conversation, and people really connected that Jim stiers CEO of San Francisco.

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