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That that was the talk about the behind the scenes thing another thing that I was drawn by in an I've I consider myself pretty a pretty basic kind of listen, and as I I really like what should stuff being made, and you know dior couture. Had this film material Rooney Amazing Sewn Director. But he made the you know the mythic. This sort of mythic Re recreating myths with the deal could saw in very kind of white Very. Interesting. How why that was versus how're you know Joe men was inspired by black artists and Muse back models like the office, friends and family. and you'll was wide, quite blinding white. which is kind of A. Shock from this Directa. In and you know there was some controversy about that in regressive fury, said well. You know when you're inspired by Botticelli. You're looking at Botticelli's Czar Neil. Inspiration and Jewel has made the last couture collection last resort collection in Morocco was. An incredibly rich diverse on statement, and this just happened to be. A reflections I guess what they consider to be. The source material and people sit will help come. Nobody said anything about it and I was thinking afterwards. That material Baroni is such an amazing direct. I suppose Martin. Scorsese it made your collection so. The film Theo Collection I. Guess I don't Know How many people are gonNA. Say MASISCO Sese. You've taken meticulous track countless film and I don't know whether that we faced. A lot of people talked about it on on social media. I think maybe. The kind of mainstream fashion press didn't cover it in that way, but in terms of the conversation that was happening online. It certainly provoked to a response especially in light of. You know all the conversations that we're having inside passionate beyond. It's built. It felt distant that moment it's critically out of touch. But then the reason why I brought it up because the bit I liked in that film was actually the shots to be tally, because it was so beautifully filmed the sort of light through the motes of dust, ever in the women working because an end also in my when you see people selling, because it is such an extraordinarily met here it is. And in the same way that it's fascinating to watch film of Francis Bacon Painting. You know. Will a sculptor sculpting when you see actual hands and you seem. Botha fingers singer painting focus as he does. The that element I felt reminding people. That fashion is this very extreme evolved crossed. I thought was really good. I mean we're looking at fashion from from A. Looking at fashions from this. What this digital few weeks did was looking at session from a number of different angles I mean. I think Jonathan. Anderson did it better than anybody would. He made those boxes. He made a box zone out at boxx was..

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