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That's pretty pretty crazy. Twenty years later these on The daughter as well. We're gonna stay here. Kevin at is gonna join us and we'll Will reach him. Next in fact let me make sure that i said I don't think i did there. You go there's cabinats ard. We'll get kevin in here and We'll close out the show. The last fifteen or so with jim watkins at fairmount and Certainly can't let the day and the weekend headlines news. Pass without talking about david gall who passed away just short of eighty and A just a phenomenal mid america riding career Close to eight thousand win. Seven thousand something as i know. He's in the top. I should look that up. Let me look at the all time. It's the all time jockey statistics while we're while we're waiting And Jim jim's our goto at yeah. Fifth overall seven thousand. Three hundred and ninety six wins and parachutes is actually within one hundred ninety. Two of david gall but David all had of of a forty year career media road. It seems like he did the only retired. Does it feels like it. I've i'm sure it's earlier than that but you know you saw his name in the pp's for years and years He started out in western canada and then in northern cal and then worked his way and too little america and had a long successful writing career particularly based at fairmount and one one graded state It's funny The fairmount derby the saint louis derby which they're bringing back this year and So in addition to paying tribute to david gall. We'll we'll catch up with with jim watkins about how things are going at fairmount now fan duel park as it were so we'll We'll get an update right now. Though i couldn't let monday get by without. Kevin are joining us because he had a mammoth weekend. And of course the woodbine oaks is the centerpiece but the royal north as well amalfi coast. We talked about money for row on friday previewing the race and we talked about the money for row with with the brian lynch previously. And kevin. what did you win three on saturday. Three and three on saturday on sunday was a great weekend. We'll do i'd say let's start with the feature because you know as we all know woodbine oaks. Winters always win the queensway. They've been they've been lucky so far. Yes that's correct. I mean hopefully trajectory give us an idea. I i as i mentioned. I've talked to to the lynch. Ea about You know this this organization and this is a. This is a big step forward. I mean they've had roma they've had success. But it feels like This has been kind of breakthrough year and money for row. Might be a breakthrough horse. Yeah i definitely had a great Great winter in florida with brian lynch horses were running really well When i was fortunate enough to kind of have this really come back to me..

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