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Keep doing it. Like if you're not doing something you enjoy it we send jesse enjoy dud. See one of the things i enjoy doing. The podcast with d. is primarily because d is who he is. He's just entertaining to just you know talk to lodging about fucking dumb headlines or Or like even just trying to learn the code like he's still makes it entertaining in the way that he doesn't understand things and we try and explain it in ways that we both understand it so so just as do what you hate with someone you love. that's heritage. I got into this one hundred percent because of the money and then i stayed one hundred percent because the bull market was like like when you're beginning and you're in crypto you you think like wow like there's so much money to be made but like during the bear cycle it it really like solidifies. Your interest in crypto. As a whole when you look at things beyond the money aspect rate. It's like for me. It's just like chilling in the community posting. Memes ship hosting crypto shit. For like what is it like two years more than two years for that last bear cycle like. It's just it's fun. You know when you get so much more out of it than just the financial aspect by spending a couple years with crypto. You have a better discerning eye towards project you understand. How money works you. Now look at the terms of conditions of something new sign. You realize there's incentives and everything. There's nothing free. There's so many life lessons you learn from dig the crypto and it's not just about the money that's very true that made me change my career seeing the numbers balloon up and i was like. Wow this is. I'm not gonna work for money like in the in the way that i thought i was gonna work for money. Like converting your effort converting. Your time to money is one way of making money. As you work with crypto. You realize there's so much more that you could do for your time to money. Conversion and there's passive income. There's other things you can do for money. And then you realize what am. I spending my time on the that. I love to do the interview. You guys with the two guys right and you ask. Do you enjoy what you do. And i said no i hate it. That was mean that was to me but it requires them to be honest as well. Not everybody is going to be honest with that question. Especially with co workers listening. I think i think that's maybe why this technology so much because most people on the planet will answer that question they answered honestly. Nope i hate when i do. It's required to to live. Because i think it's too difficult to make money doing the things you care about doing in a manner that's like commensurate to your contribution. What what. I mean by that right like if i contribute little as i learn about a given community dixon mitch it. Maybe i can get a little back and the more valuable. I become my contributions to a giving community to value. I get back right at that. If that like steph function of need to contribute to get that much evalu- back gets a little smoother in terms of like there's a lot of different ways to contribute whether it be a smaller large and you can you can either like fully into a single community and make your whole living contributing to it or like contribute a little bit to a bunch of communities and big enough to get what you need like because we don't have technology to facilitate that type of payment schedule for your contribution doesn't doesn't work in traditional finance. That's why we have monthly salaries or monthly or biweekly. Paychecks like the paying system is based on the inefficiencies of the.

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