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From my old grandma says, Why do they do such things to the Buddha? Master Archer that what he says It's mostly ignorance, Buddhist traditions like mindfulness arm or trendy around the world, but they can spread Buddhist Sheikh in a way that's detached from the Asian cultures where Buddhism flourishes. Cultures that say, Don't put anything sacred on the floor or on your gross foot and never get a Buddha tattoo. The human body is dirty, especially when no human have sex. What is your feeling towards the person who has the tattoo? Are you angry at them? How do you feel? Had have no angry about them at all. But I just want to educate them, and I want to help to lift up the value of Buddha. She wonders why don't people treat Buddha like other religious figures? Because if anything, touch Mohammed or Jesus, they've been deep trouble. If it has anything about Buddhism, the Buddhist hardly have voice to stop them. So they think that they could do anything they want. Do you think Buddha himself would be Upset at this or would he just Let it go. Letting go means you're letting your emotion not letting called the act otherwise it be using the theory of letting go in everything. We must not have Law and order. Her organization. Knowing Buddha does try to impose order as they see it, with hundreds of volunteers scanning the Web. If you offend them, they will ask you to stop. If you refuse, Even if you're outside Thailand, they might get the local Thai Embassy toe way in. Yes, they do Have that kind of influence. Punk. Up comes a mountain that hand conclude with Thong issue my new story from a few years back when Louisville Thanh had an art exhibition in Paris with a giant Buddha head on the ground. That's not what he went after them with the Thai embassies, help and Louisville, Thanh apologized and put the Buddha head on a platform off the floor, she says Overall, they have a 50% success rate. And those who don't comply may be named and shamed. Please.

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