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Echoes one go home of we had a cortana uh one cortana device and dez so he this around things out with the with the appaled the apple home pod i keep advised okay and how and how it goes twitter's two hundred eighty character element has increased engagement without increasing the average tweet link isn't that interesting i've been using all law longer tweets myself la la la longer how 'bout you for marketing standpoint is worked out really really well hateley key chain gameboy is now a real crowdfunding gadget and i i haven't heard about this but uh there's a tiny do it yourself gameboy that could fit on a key chain and uh it took some time but there are some the call the pockets bright a polish commercial version of the original a key chain gameboy the said collaborations between the original creator joint dumb burg and the manufacturer steve k the pockets us bright is looking for funding uh at crowd at crowdfunding sal crowd supply its put de tiny and uh i don't know i guess we'll see but uh if you are a game boy fan go over there and help crowds on this bed boy into existence lenovo is recalling eighty thousand laptops his potential fire hazard so eight sold these b a in two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen it it is if you have a thinkpad x one carbon laptop uh those laptops are included in the recall and contains a barrier that could overheat and damage the machine uh the the problem is not technically the battery but a manufacturing air so uh they haven't received any reports of injuries but the battery simply overheat and fry the guts the machine and a fire is possible so if you don't have your laptop service this is something you don't want to risk and of course you know we've had issues with the samsung's galaxy note seven and so forth but again a fifth generation blew a novel thinkpad x one carbon the information on the recall is up on the website definitely take a check of that if you have one of these specific laptops also there's going to be an asteroid it's going to make a rare close passed by an earth tomorrow and de ito super bowl asteroid guarded a lot of attention with past earth right around the same time as the big game the.

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