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Claims watching eric schneiderman become an outspoken metoo supporter and aggressively pursue harvey weinstein is exactly what made his accusers come forward for women he was romantically involved with tell the new yorker he was violin two of them say they were slapped and choked and the physical abuse escalated over time one woman born in sri lanka claim schneiderman called her is brown slave and made her say she was his property in a statement to the magazine schneiderman claims he has engaged in role playing and other consensual sexual activity but never assaulted anyone alice stockton rosellini seven ten wwl are clearly some political ramifications to go with his resignation more on that from correspondent aaron katersky piece four women came forward in the new yorker absent any apparent political agenda but there are political questions involved eric schneiderman has been a constant thorn in the side of president trump he is investigated trump university trump family charities and with other democratic attorneys general has filed court documents against a number of trump policies so there's no surprise that those close to the president are gleeful about these allegations and governor cuomo is calling for a thorough investigation top cop at the port authority of new york new jersey has retired michael georgos retirement comes just days after he reportedly ordered a police escort complete with flashing lights and sirens for rush limbaugh word of as opposed escort got the attention of the agency's inspector general who opened an investigation that escort from newark liberty airport to manhattan was mentioned in detail on russia's radio show here in new york on wr well a world waiting today for president trump to reveal his decision on the iran nuclear deal he's promised an announcement at the white house two o'clock and joining us now live nbc radio national correspondent bills in for you know donald trump is pretty unpredictable but everybody's predicting that he's going to pull out of the deal so any surprises bill it is a surprise because everybody else involved in this deal the other countries involved in.

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