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And then he's remembered the Simpsons when mill house said his dad was put a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory. And then he said so pretty solid joke. But. Is not true. And then just a fun tweet. I like from Brit at its Berle's tweeted hits blunt hits back me one. Yeah. Be careful. You can find us on Twitter at Daly's guys for at the daily zeitgeist on Instagram. We have fiscal champaged in a website dailies like dot com or post our episodes and our foot note link off to the information that we talked about today's episode as well as the song we right out on miles. What's on our we read this is tracked by Jumanji J, O M A N J. I not the actual the version that's happy and this song's called chasing Ryan's featuring Sarah. Get into that. Low fi action was you'll like it essential pharmacy. How long can keep beco-. I confide Lucy very quickly. When I begin a sentence without knowing house. All right. We're gonna ride out on that. He will be back on Tuesday. We are taking Monday off for Martin Luther King day. Yes, sir. Sorry won't be there Monday. But we will be back Tuesday. Yes. Yes. The holidays, and we will see some of you this Saturday up in San Francisco, kqei you're having a great weekend. But also, please safe come hang out for very lonely. We're stand up late Saturday. I'm hanging. Doc what else? All right, guys, talk to you. Meaning all. You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. Sometimes the mother of invention is advertising. Yeah. Or pure accident. How about ego maniacal delusion? Absolutely. Or just a desperate longing. To be cool. I'm Robert lamp, and I'm Joe McCormick. We're the host of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. And now we're branching off into the exploration of invention. Invention is the story of human history told one piece of technology at a time the things we made and how they made us invention publishes every Monday, listen and subscribe to invention on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts..

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