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Fox news this report is sponsored by the T. J. Martell foundation continues with one oh six one FM talk will he or won't he veto a re open bill legislation that would allow bars and fitness centers across the state to open their doors again passed both houses of the General Assembly and now awaits a decision by governor Cooper the revised bill would allow the governor to close the facilities again if there's a sudden spike seen in covert nineteen Raleigh police say a man is in custody following a fatal shooting Wednesday evening happen your NC state's centennial campus Theodore Lee is charged with killing Clinton Crawford authorities say there'd been a prior domestic incident a fourth suspect in a March murder in Winston Salem has been extradited back to the city from New York Mitch Evans reports twenty four year old Omar Sanchez is in custody at the Forsyth county law enforcement detention center now facing murder charges in the shooting death of Jonathan Rodriguez Sanchez was arrested on may sixth by U. S. marshals in New York and arrived in North Carolina this past Monday twenty eight year old Jose Cruz Rivera nineteen year old who's a sore toe and an eighteen year old who was seventeen at the time of the shooting have also each been charged with murder in the case hi Mitch Evans Buncombe county commissioners are expected to vote on the removal of Confederate monuments next week it comes after the Asheville city council passed a resolution in support of removing a monument Izabela Vance and the Robert E. Lee Dixie highway Colonel John Connally marker from downtown regardless of the commission's vote it's still up to the North Carolina historical commission the Panthers have removed a statue of founder Jerry Richardson it it stood outside bank of America stadium that move comes after speculation on social media suggested the statute could be torn down by protesters Richardson sold the franchise to David Tepper back in twenty eighteen following allegations of sexual and racial misconduct I'm Kyle Wilson flash flood watch up through Friday morning a sold out front keeps slow moving downpours.

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