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Markets solutions learn more at Raymond James dot com from the Doris Duke charitable foundation whose building bridges program works with U. S. Muslims to increase mutual understanding and well being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger more inclusive communities from me any E. E. Casey foundation using research and evidence to develop solutions that help families and communities create a brighter future for young people more information is available at a ECF dot work and from the listeners who support this NPR station it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Rachel Martin and I'm Steve Inskeep what more does a judge want to know about the case of Michael Flynn president trump's Attorney General William Barr wants to drop charges against the former national security adviser the Attorney General wants to do that even though Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his dealings with Russia judge Emmet Sullivan is deciding whether to allow this and has invited a friend of the court briefs Kim Wylie is a former U. S. attorney I had a friend of this program is on Skype good morning good morning Steve why invite outside opinions well it judges normally make decisions when they hear both sides of an issue in here we have the dazzling team and the department of justice both taking the same point of view that is that the case could be should be dismissed and so I think he wants to hear from others that would make the argument against dismissal arguably in the public interest because there are I think you concerns here with potentially politicizing this entire investigation which led of course to Mr Flynn's guilty pleas well presumably he's going to be able to find someone with an opinion on the other side of this case since there are almost two thousand former department of justice officials who signed a letter calling for William Barr to resign because he called to drop the case against Michael Flynn yeah it's important to keep in mind the guilty plea functions like a conviction so and and and a different type of case you can imagine an entire jury trial and the conviction by a jury and then the government coming in and saying you know what it turns out we really shouldn't have brought this anyway because the investigation itself was bogus there was improper and at that point like now it's really in the judge's court it's no longer under the rules under rule forty eight of the federal rules of criminal procedure it's no longer in the department of justice's court so I would assume some of those people would weigh in and say listen this is the other side of the coin and then the question will be will judge Sullivan actually hold hearings will be called call witnesses both on the question of whether this was an appropriate withdrawal of the case and also on the justice department's now position that the case itself was improperly brought because the investigation that ultimately led to the mall report was improper and to a hundred going are you going to Kim I'll remember to did this was produced through the Muller investigation which in theory was designed to be independent of the justice department so there's that wrinkle too because Mr Barr took the ball where in theory it really should have stayed with the special counsel because that entity was was appointed specifically to make this a neutral independent process does the judge have the power can we like to say actually William Barr this is obviously political you're obviously just doing what the president wants you're obviously just focusing for are functioning as his lawyer and I'm going to make you continue this case even though you want to drop it does have the power to do that she has the power to just go forward and do it a sentencing at this point imagine again that the jury's done there has been a conviction there's a conviction by Mister Flynn of himself essentially with a guilty plea and so sure the judge can say I'm making a determination I'm going to continue to accept the guilty plea and I'm going to go forward with the sentencing and I reject this notion that somehow that this was improper because the court that department of justice said listen this the lies were not material to anything that's important in the public interest and I think that the judge all those going to probe that that assumption we should remember these realize about phone calls to the Russian ambassador in the in the heated moments after the two thousand sixteen election right yeah about potentially lifting Russian sanctions one Smith Mr Obama was no longer in office Kim whaling is a former United States attorney and legal analyst joins us on Skype she's an associate professor at the university of Baltimore thanks so much thank you Steve Turkey has a serious coronavirus problem so why has the country donated fifty planeloads of medical equipment abroad here's NPR's Peter Kenyon your president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his top deputies tell it Turkey's citizens should be proud of their country status as one of the leading donors of anti coronavirus supplies in the world video distributed by the foreign ministry shows a Turkish military cargo plane delivering supplies to the U. S. including medical masks gloves.

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