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And weather together on the aide Sankei CBS KCBS news time three twenty well today. Tens of thousands of TSA workers will be missing second paycheck as the government shutdown drags on. It's day. Thirty five KCBS is Holly Kwon tells us that Oakland's mayor Libby chef is attending the US conference of mayors in Washington, and she worries that the shutdown could drain the finances of non-government workers as well. This is a Bloomberg. Usually the mayors gathering in Washington to talk climate change housing and homelessness, but right now Oakland mayor Libby shaft says there's one overriding message get the government back to work at some point. It is going to break down my Uber. Try her I should say actually took lift my list driver told me that he had just helped his cousin pay his mortgage because of the shutdown that is not going to last Long John pistol was head of the TSA from twenty ten to twenty fourteen and endured a two week government shutdown of his own, but with this one more open ended he worries about what morale and staffing. Will look like when this is all over sure they can go out and find other work and some are doing that now and just haven't haven't decided win the government reopened whether they'll come back or not. So that's one of those questions that are still out there. How much of the workforce will will remain Liqun KCBS? More tech companies are getting into the housing market. The Chan Zuckerberg initiative also Facebook the San Francisco foundation Genentech and others are backing a fund that intends to build or preserve more than eight thousand homes in the bay area over the next five to ten years. The project is worth half a billion dollars. It's expected to pay for projects in San Francisco Santa Clara, San Mateo Alameda, and contra Costa counties for residents making up to one hundred fifty percent of the local area median income. It is the latest attempt to do something about the affordable housing shortage. And in the city of Richmond has agreed to pay nearly six hundred sixty thousand dollars in a settlement with nine residents disabled and elderly residents of public housing unit over substandard living conditions. This was at the hacienda housing complex. Tenants said their homes were overrun with rodents and roaches squatters roof leaks. Mold the head of the Richmond housing authority admitted that hacienda was on. Inhabitable Oakland had a banner year with several films depicted set and or filmed in the town. They include sorry to bother you blind spotting and the blockbuster. Black Panther KCBS is marquee Schaefer reports that tourism is becoming more important industry in Oakland. Thanks to many cultural.

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