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It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before you went on to say while he wants to avoid a nuclear attack there will never be a time the us is not the most powerful nation in the world secretary of state rex tillerson says there's a reason for the president's promise of fire and fury strong lewis languishing can diplomatic language tillerson said he doesn't believe the us faces any imminent threat from the isolated communist nation donald trump's presidential campaign is delivering on its promise to cooperate with the senate's rusher pro bloomberg reports that donald trump junior and former campaign manager paul manafort have turned over thousands of pages of of documents to the senate judiciary committee as part of its investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election be panel ask for all records regarding any attempt to gain information from russian government offered hibs or related sources the committee also requested documents related to any effort to coordinate with russia's attempt to influence the outcome of the election a committee spokesper men says the trump campaign turned over about twenty thousand pages of documents on august second mark mayfield nbc news radio president trump is getting criticism for his silence on the mosque bombing in bloomington minnesota the muslim american society of minnesota's director says their surprise the president has not tweeted about the attack the blast damaged the imams office saturday as a dozen people were gathered for morning prayers and tiger woods's dui case won't be hurt until the fall a hearing this morning was postponed until october the palm beach post reports woods will enter.

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